Woman Hears 'Awful Scream' as Dogs Attack Teen, Leaving Her in Critical Condition

An 18-year-old woman from King County, Washington is in critical condition in the hospital following an attack by two dogs on Tuesday.

The attack, which happened at around 11:20 a.m. in an Auburn neighborhood opposite Thomas Jefferson High School, resulted in one of the dogs being shot by police, Fox 13 reported.

Footage of the attack filmed on a security camera, obtained by Fox 13, showed one of two dogs dragging the unnamed 18-year-old down the street. Also in the video, a local resident Michelle Provan can be heard screaming at the dog.

During the attack, Provan screamed: "Get away from her! Get away from her!"

She later told Fox 13: "I heard an awful scream that sounded like a female, and I looked out my window and saw two dogs on a girl."

The footage, which Fox 13 said was too graphic to show in full, shows Provan then running back to the house to grab a bat. Another neighbor used this in an attempt to ward off the dog. This resulted in them also being attacked and bitten by the dog. Other neighbors also attempted to help the teenager.

King County officials said investigators arrived at the scene, shot one of the dogs and obtained a warrant to remove the other. This was not the first time officials had removed animals from the property in Auburn.

Provan told Fox 13 that the incident could have been prevented as neighbors had expressed concerns about the property in which the animals were homed before.

"I am angry. I am so angry. I feel so bad for the girl. She didn't do anything, and I couldn't help her."

Fox 13 reported that the King County Region Animal Services removed two dogs and six puppies from the property in August 2021 after complaints of aggressive behavior.

The news channel added that there were several fines listed against the property amounting to thousands of dollars. Some of the incidents that resulted in fines related to "vicious" animals roaming the home.

Another neighbor identified as Ray told the station: "This house has been a big nuisance to all neighbors in the area. It's known as a squatter house. It's been active for at least two years. It brings nothing but trouble to all the neighbors.

"Unfortunately, it's taken something this dramatic in order for them [King County officials] to want to do something about it."

The King County Prosecutor's Office told Fox 13 it expected a felony case to be referred to them for the owners of the dogs. It added that the owner has not had any animal-related charges against them, but they have been charged with other crimes in the past.

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A stock image of a chained dog barking. A teen in Washington was left in critical condition after being attacked by two dogs, one of which was shot by police. SaevichMikalai/GETTY