From Sassy Dogs to Confused Cats: Funniest Pet Reactions of 2021

Anyone with a pet will know that they're very much part of the family.

Whether you're a dog or a cat person, we are all united by the love we feel for the creatures that share our home.

Aside from keeping us company and make us coo at their cuteness, pets can also be downright hilarious to watch.

Luckily, many of these funny moments have been captured on camera and posted to social media.

Here are some of the funniest videos of pets reacting to things from 2021. Enjoy!

1) Golden Retriever and Window Cleaner

We, as humans, would do well to adopt more dog-like behavior.

After all, most of them are very friendly and always up for meeting new people. One golden retriever went viral on TikTok recently for his attempt to make a new pal, even with a barrier of glass between them.

In the clip, shared by an account called Pawbrey, we can see the pet's excited reaction to a visit from a window cleaner who is hanging outside the window— she even offers him a gift!

2) Dog Scared by Own Echo

The owner of this particular pooch would have been disappointed if they had hoped their pet might have any guard dog sensibilities.

In the funny viral clip, covertly filmed by a woman called Erin Lynch, we can see a dog loudly barking, then appearing shocked and scared by his own echo. Funny stuff.


Snapchat memory of puppy Murph 🥲 #dog #puppy #scaredycat

♬ original sound - Erin Lynch

3) Cat Enjoying Home Spa

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, many of us could do with a relaxing spa day—and one cat on Reddit was lucky enough to experience just that.

In the video, posted by user SunshineHomicide, we can see just how much the fluffy feline is enjoying being swaddled in a towel with a warm compress on his eyes.

The pet is in a near "catatonic" state with its tongue poking out.

4) Sassy Pooch Claps Back

No one likes to be rejected, especially not this little dog.

A woman who goes by the TikTok account name Peachesandbean decided to prank her pet by ignoring her when she leaned in to kiss her face.

The sassy response from the pooch is a must-see!

5) German Shepherd Vs Vacuum Cleaner

When this German Shepherd saw his owner feigning an attack by a vacuum cleaner he just had to step in.

The video, shared to TikTok by Novikovsv, shows the large dog immediately spring into action and begins loudly barking before biting the head of the hoover out of the man's hand. That's one way to get out of doing chores!

6) Catty Art Critic

Art is subjective and as a result can evoke many different reactions from viewers.

In this viral video, shared to TikTok by Thornhasalife, a garish feline-themed artwork caused a pet to adopt a defensive posture and begin hissing.

Off camera a woman can be heard laughing: "She hates it so much. Oh my god I've got to stop."


I was showing my friend my best "cursed" object and completely traumatized my cat oops #catsoftiktok #spooky #oops #catmom

♬ original sound - Cass

7) Confused Kitty

Optical illusions are designed to baffle the viewer, and it seems cats are just as dumbfounded by the visual trickery.

In a clip posted on TikTok by user Litto_Lychee we can see a feline's strong reaction to a print out consisting of colorful geometric circles.

First perplexed, the animal then leaps about attempting to catch the shapes.7

8) Lazy Chow Chow

At some points this year it seemed the only safe way to socialise was going for a walk, so if you are now sick of it you may relate to this chow chow.

In funny TikTok footage the pet is filmed looking nonchalant as a man drags it along on its stomach.

The caption reads: "This is why I love Central Park."


This dog is me going on a walk with my boyfriend 🥰 #dog

♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

9) Husky Who Hates Baths

The list of dogs' pet hates knows no bounds, as this husky also recently went viral for his aversion to bath time.

The hilarious video, shared on TIkTok by Winterthehuskymalamute, shows the animal, named Winter, being carried down the corridor as her limbs flail about.

The clip then cuts to her being dragged backwards into the bathroom as she tries with all her might to escape.

"Bath time! Every time!," reads the caption

10) Sable Sous Chef

Aside from dogs and cats, a rarer pet went viral this year on TikTok.

In the clip we can see Buddy, who is a sable that was rescued from a fur farm in 2018, popping up to intently watch his owner in the kitchen.

The adorable animal looks absolutely enthralled, and the account SableBuddy has captioned the video, explaining: "Buddy the #sable immediately appears in the kitchen when I am cooking."


Buddy the #sable immediately appears in the kitchen when I am cooking #соболь

♬ original sound - SableBuddy

11) Golden Retriever/Fire Engine

Hannah West captioned a recent TikTok video by writing: "The moment I realized living down the street from the fire station might be a problem."

Why? Because it shows her golden retriever Riley loudly mimicking the sounds of the fire engines.

She told Newsweek: "Rigby has a lot of personality, I'm thrilled I got to share a little bit of him with the rest of internet.

"We are going to have to reach out to the local fire station and see if their biggest fan can come for a visit!"


Just a little #awoo to get you through your day. (Ignore the mess and yucky keyboard, someone drooled on it…) #goldenretrieverlife #dogsofttiktok

♬ original sound - Q
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