23 Dogs Found Alive in Cages Littered With Feces and Dog Skeletons

Animal shelter officials have rescued 23 dogs from what they described as "deplorable conditions" at an address in Kentucky.

On Saturday, the Hopkins County Humane Society (HCHS)—a local non-profit dedicated to ensuring the human and compassionate treatment of animals—published a Facebook post saying that a neighboring county's sheriff department had contacted them earlier last week requesting assistance with a "dog hoarding situation."

In the post, the nonprofit said that they had agreed to help after the undisclosed sheriff's department explained the circumstances and condition of the dogs.

"Nothing prepared us for what we saw once on scene," HCHS said in the post.

Officials said they found dogs suffering from several health conditions in rusty pens.

"The gates on these pens were wired and rusted shut. Food and water were being dumped over for them," HCHS said.

Many of the pens contained the remains of other dogs, the nonprofit said.

"In the vast majority of these pens with the dogs, were the skeletal remains of presumed kennel mates."

According to HCHS, the dogs had been eating food on mounds of feces, urine and bones that had accumulated in their pens. All of the animals have skin problems, hair loss and dental issues. Rescuers later released pictures of the rescued dogs on TikTok.

After the non-profit had been informed of the situation last Wednesday, officials rescued 13 dogs from the "deplorable conditions" before going back to collect another 10 the next day.

"Our shelter is certainly not lacking in dogs; however, we were asked to help these poor babies and we responded," HCHS said. "The 'caretakers' of these dogs have failed them, now it's our job to bring these animals back to life."

"To do that, we need the community's help. All 23 will need vet care. We can not save these animals without your help, but we know how our strong community always pulls together to accomplish it's goals. Let's make this a community goal to give these 23 dogs a much deserved, new lease on life!"

Newsweek has contacted the Hopkins County Humane Society for comment.

On Sunday, a fire at a home in Las Vegas resulted in the deaths of seven dogs, according to the North Las Vegas Fire Department.

Firefighters managed to put out the blaze, which was coming from a garage attached to the home, in 30 minutes. No one was injured but officials found seven dead dogs at the scene.

The fire department said it suspects arson as the cause.

A rescue dog
Stock image showing a rescue dog. Animal welfare officials rescued 23 dogs from deplorable conditions in Kentucky last Wednesday. iStock