Dogs' Joyful Reaction After Returning Home From Vacation Goes Viral

The overjoyed reaction of two dogs returning home from vacation is bringing a smile to the faces of dog lovers on social media.

They say that home is where the heart is and that saying certainly rings true for this particular pooch pairing, who didn't hide their delight at being back in familiar surroundings.

Footage of their reaction to returning home was shared to Reddit by sedentarybird and it has already garnered more than 73,000 upvotes.

In the clip, the canine twosome can be seen barging past their owner as they unlock the front door, before wasting little time in making themselves at home.

One of the dogs, which appears to be a golden retriever, can be seen rolling around on their owner's leather sofa.

The other dog, which looks to be a German shepherd, heads straight for a roll around on the front room's wooden floor, while their owner can be heard opening the mail.

Proof, if it were needed, that for pets, much like humans, there really is no place like home.

The two dogs' joy at being back in familiar territory is positively palpable and was not lost on the many thousands watching the clip online.

"Those wagging tails tell us how happy they are to be home again," FertileAdoption wrote. "I wish I could be as happy as a dog," darkmatternot added. "I think homes is just familiar to them," Zanki commented. "Even if you take their beds, toys etc with them, it's not the same as being at home with those things."

"Dogs aren't as worldly as we are," boogierom said. "They don't want to be some place which they don't know, it scares them. They feel much safer in their comfort zone." Meditate42 saw it slightly differently. "I think dogs just love consistency," they wrote. "They love their routines."

Pointprep offered up another perspective, commenting: "Dogs are great because they express how we would feel in the same situation."

According to Lori Lapierre from DailyPuppy, the two canines' reactions could be down to one of two things. It could be an instance of what she called "scent marking."

"Rubbing their scent over carpet and furniture, such as your couch, is a comforting way to make the house smell like home," Lapierre writes. "Older dogs trained to not urinate inside may choose this route to stake out territory in a household where other dogs reside, or a new puppy has been introduced."

Alternatively it may be for the pure pleasure of it.

"Dogs love physical contact - hence the requests for belly rubs and chin scratches," Lapierre explains. "Many dogs like to rub on furniture after a bath, as well, when they are still wet. It can become a harmless habit."

The video comes hot on the heels of footage of a golden retriever refusing to get out of bed and a chihuahua trying desperately to get into a dog's bed without a sleeping cat noticing.

Two dogs running down a corridor.
A file photo of two dogs running down a corridor - a canine duo are proving a hit on Reddit thanks to their reaction after arriving home. Przemysław Iciak/Getty