Dogs Kept Calm on 4th of July by Being Read Children's Books at Animal Shelter

While many Americans were enjoying fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, dogs up and down the country were less happy about the loud bangs.

The much loved pets have very sensitive ears and as a result can find the pyrotechnic displays to be quite scary.

However, dogs at the Kentucky Humane Society were spared this fear because volunteers came in to help calm them down by reading them children's books.

"To help ensure that shelter animals at the Kentucky Humane Society were as relaxed and as comfortable as possible on July 4th, volunteers came to the shelter that evening to distribute treats, talk to the animals and even read children's books to them," Angie Durgasingh, administrative coordinator for the Kentucky Humane Society told Newsweek.

Posting to their Facebook page on July 5, the animal shelter, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, shared snaps of some people sitting in the corridor outside the cages reading to the canines.

Above the images the organization wrote: "A big thanks to our amazing volunteers who spent time at the shelter July 4th comforting the animals!

"Many pets are afraid of fireworks, and our volunteers came in last night to make sure that the animals at the Kentucky Humane Society were comfortable and relaxed.

"Volunteers distributed special treats and read children's books to the animals to distract them."

The Humane Society went on to add that their actions meant that the pooches were kept in a relaxed state: "Many pets fell fast asleep on their beds—some were even snoring!

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"We also want to give a special thanks to Angie from KHS and her family, who organized the event and came in early to prep the treats and welcome the volunteers."

The post has since received more than 4,900 likes and many people have rushed to the comments section to praise the volunteers and the Kentucky Humane Society's work.

One Facebook user, Ashley McDavid Brown, wrote: "This is the kind of thing the world needs. Angie, you are a good, good human."

Another person, Melissa Green, added: "Oh my gosh! THANK YOU to the volunteers for coming in to comfort these frightened babies!!!!"

Tabitha Rose gushed: "Omg this is the best thing I've seen!!! I had to sit and hold my Yorkies last night for hours because of the fireworks !! You guys are awesome!!! My Doberman was terrified as well!"

Jen Kesling typed: "This is AWESOME!!! I wish all shelters did all the great things you all do."

Lisa Simon commented: "Thank you so much to these volunteers! We have a dog who is completely freaked out by fireworks and thunder, so we know how important this is!"

Jacqueline Steiner stated: "Thanks to all. Even with medication, I have one that had a very tough night so I know those furbabies truly were appreciative."

Update 7/06/21 12:08 p.m. ET: This article was updated to include comments from the Kentucky Humane Society.

Dogs hiding under a blanket
A stock image of two dogs hiding under a blanket looking scared. An animal shelter in Kentucky had volunteers read to the dogs to keep them calm during Fourth of July fireworks. Getty Images

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