'Cuteness Overload': Dog's Routine Visit to Cheese Store Charms Internet

A dog who loves visiting a local shop has delighted the internet after a video of his adventures went viral on TikTok.

Shared on Wednesday by user BigBeans619, the video features a dog named Beans on a visit to the local cheese shop in the town of Nantwich in England.

Beans' owner, Wesley Newton, shares the 5-year-old Bernese mountain dog's antics online. With over 71,000 followers on TikTok, viewers love seeing Beans' adventures, from visiting the local salon to meeting the town mayor.

The adorable video of Beans' trip to the cheese shop has gained over 280,000 views and thousands of likes. In the video, Beans beams at the camera where text overlay reads: "I'm Beans and this is a shout out to my mate at the cheese shop."

Beans makes his way to the front door of the shop where he is greeted by the owner—dubbed "Mr. cheese" in the video.

Opened in 2020, the cheese shop is run by a small staff of knowledgeable cheesemongers who offer over 150 different types of artisan cheese.

Before treating Beans to some, the man asks him to sit. Beans gets not just one, but two pieces of Cheddar cheese before walking off wagging his tail.

Newton told Newsweek: "He hangs out outside until he gets seen! We just love making memories and it blows me away all the love and support Beans is shown wherever he goes."

The American Kennel Club says that cheese is often a great training tool for dogs but it is important that it is given in moderation due to its high fat content which can result in dogs gaining weight.

TikTok users gushed over the adorable video of Beans getting a special treat. One commenter wrote: "I like the way Beans looked through the main window to make sure he could be seen," while another wrote: "Aww I wish I was cute enough for free cheese."

Others commented on how good-natured Beans is: "Can I just say I love your videos but most of all I love how good he is—you obviously spent a lot of time training him and it's great to see. Well done you."

But Newton gives all the credit to his pooch, writing: "Thanks but it's all Beans, he does his own thing and I'm just along for the ride—and what a ride I'm having… so proud."

Another viewer said: "That dog is amazing, he has such a beautiful personality and is very intelligent as well as being beautiful. Cuteness overload."

"He's got the whole town under his paw," wrote another TikToker.

Beans the dog and cheese
A picture of Beans the dog (left) and a screencap of Beans getting his cheese treat (right). The adorable pooch's reaction to visiting the local cheese store has melted hearts online. BigBeans619/TikTok