Dogs Share Adorable Hug in Heartwarming Viral Video: 'So Cute'

Footage of a pair of dogs enjoying a heartfelt hug has been hailed as the perfect showcase of the benefits of having two pet pooches.

Caring for one dog is a big enough job in itself, so the addition of a second canine is not a decision to be taken lightly. Integrating the two is a slow process involving a phased introduction over a series of weeks which starts with initial encounters designed to help the two dogs become familiarized with each other's scent.

Even then, there is a risk that the two canines simply will not gel. But, when it works and the two dogs do learn to coexist, the results can be magical.

The perfect illustration of this was provided by Yuki and Maple, a Samoyed and Australian Shepherd dog respectively, who recently went viral thanks to their adorable relationship together.

Already boasting some 37,000 followers on Instagram, the canine duo hit the big time on TikTok thanks to a video showing the pair enjoying the most enchanting of embraces.

In the clip, which has racked up 6.7 million views, Yuki can be seen draping a paw over Maple and cozying up to her doggy friend for a hug.

The footage marks the culmination of a series of videos showing how Yuki has adjusted to the arrival of her younger sister who can be seen as a tiny puppy in another clip.

Though understandably cautious at first, Yuki wasted little time in making Maple feel a part of the family, as a variety of videos posted on their channel, babybearyuki, show.

But it's the footage of the two enjoying their hug together that has proven most popular. According to the audio included as part of the clip, the owner shared the video for anyone "thinking about getting a second dog" but unsure of what might happen.

"It was so worth it," the video's caption reads, with the footage also showing the pair cozied up on a bed under a blanket together. The clip can be viewed here.

If Yuki and Maple's owner was hoping to convince viewers of the merits of getting a second dog, it appears to have done the trick.

Commenting on the post, one TikTok user writing as daisythegoldiee said: "I'm convinced" BeauNoseBones responded: "Okay am getting a brudda."

Ladyandtheblues added that she was "definitely inspired" to get a second dog after watching the video. Elsewhere, Venetia Anderson described the pair as her "favorite dog combo" while Ventus simply declared: "they are so cute!"

Mykomushroom confessed "that hug" brought a tear to eye with prisha_p7 writing "this is so pure" in response to the heartwarming clip.

Newsweek has contacted babybearyuki for comment.

Though the introduction of a new dog is fraught with issues, according to the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, there are instances when the change can be of huge benefit to the older dog. Writing in Psychology Today, it explained that older dogs with "behavioral issues" can sometimes benefit from the company of another canine.

"Some fearful and anxious dogs are much calmer and more confident when there is another dog present," it explained. "Some dogs with separation distress are less distressed when there is another dog to keep them company at home when the owners are gone. The second dog may act as a buffer between the first dog and other dogs and people."

As affectionate a pet as you are likely to find, this isn't the first time a dog's love of cuddling has proven popular on social media.

One adorable four-legged friend recently found internet fame after the owner revealed the canine's habit of giving him a thank you hug every time they go outside. In another viral clip, a snoozing dog proved surprisingly receptive after his owner's cat came over for a cuddle.

A pair of Jack Russell Terrier dogs.
Stock image of two dogs hugging. A pair of canines have captured the hearts of dog lovers online after sharing a warm embrace. Ksenia Raykova/Getty