Moment Dogs Swarm Worker Who Falls Over at Day Care: 'Cutest Attack Ever'

A viral TikTok video of a woman being swarmed by a pack of large dogs has left the internet in hysterics.

The woman, who appears to be working at a doggy day care center or shelter, can be seen standing in the middle of a room filled with energetic dogs.

The pups start to move towards her, with one excitable dog jumping at her, which causes her to topple to the ground.

The rest of the dogs in the room then begin to rush towards the woman to get a look at what's happened, and she's barely visible by the time the whole pack has gathered around her. The entire ordeal hilariously plays against the theme tune of the horror series, The Walking Dead.

The social media clip, which can be seen here, was shared to TikTok by @AshienT on February 14 and has since been viewed over 10.9 million times, and has garnered more than 1.5 million likes.

Why Should You Work With Dogs?

Since dogs are such sociable and loving animals that have been proven to reduce human stress levels, a career involving taking care of them can be hugely rewarding. However, if you have a corporate job you can still reap the benefits of filling your day with furry friends. The growing trend of dog-friendly office spaces has led more people to bring their fur-children to work, or to employers arranging for therapy dogs to pay visits to their offices.

According to The Kennel Club, bringing your dog to work can reduce anxiety for the owner and separation anxiety for the pup, it can also enable dogs to get used to different environments and people.

"There are lots of benefits for both you and your dog by taking them to work. By taking your dog to work, you can help reduce the likelihood of separation anxiety and any costs associated with them being looked after," the pet registry writes.

Stock image of a young female dog owner sitting opposite a Rottweiler puppy in nature. In the viral TikTok video, the care worker can be seen getting swarmed by a group of large dogs. Getty Images

Since the video was shared to TikTok last week, over 10,000 amused users have commented on the post.

"Are you ok are you ok are you ok are you ok," one user comically wrote, imitating the panic of the group of dogs who rushed to the worker.

Another TikToker added: "It's so hard to watch other people living your dream." And one viewer summed it up perfectly: "Cutest attack ever."

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