Woman Kills Boyfriend With Minivan Then Flees in 'Horrific' Attack

A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to life in jail after she was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend by hitting him with her minivan and dragging him down the road.

Dolly Hendrickes, 40, was found guilty of the first-degree murder of 68-year-old Andres Claudio by a Dauphin County jury on Wednesday, July 14.

The following day, Dauphin County Judge Richard A. Lewis handed Hendrickes a life sentence over the October 2019 killing, reported Penn Live.

Upon sentencing, Judge Lewis told Hendrickes that her actions "were as bizarre as they were horrific."

"Then you drove home and relaxed on your back porch," the judge added.

Hendrickes was arrested by the Harrisburg Police Department on suspicion of intentionally hitting Claudio with her vehicle, then fleeing the scene.

The incident occurred at the intersection of North Cameron Street and Arsenal Boulevard at approximately 5:13 p.m. on October 10, 2019.

Hendrickes was arrested just a few hours later on suspicion of criminal homicide.

During the trial, the court was shown a dashcam video which showed the pair had been arguing before Hendrickes struck her boyfriend with the vehicle, reported Penn Live.

Claudio had exited the van moments before Hendrickes drove into him. Police said he was dragged about 30 feet under the van before the defendant drove away and left him for dead.

Giving evidence, Hendrickes said Claudio was the "probable father" of two of her seven children. She said the pair had been arguing about money and the children before he got out of the vehicle.

Hendrickes then claimed that her thinking "was foggy" and that her "psychosis began to kick in" just prior to hitting Claudio with her minivan.

She also claimed that she thought he was going to draw a weapon during the argument.

"He's attacking me. I'm attacking him back," Hendrickes said, via TribLive. "I'm feeling scared. I'm shaky."

She added: "I was upset, frustrated. I felt disrespected and ignored. My thinking at that time was not clear...I didn't think before I reacted."

First Assistant Public Defender Paul Muller argued that the jury should convict Hendrickes on a lesser manslaughter charge because she did not mean to kill Claudio.

"She perceived [Claudio] as a threat...She was frustrated with him," Muller said. "Her mind was overwhelmed.

"Her intent was just to hit him," he said. "She didn't even realize what she was doing."

The jury rejected these claims and found her guilty of murder.

The Harrisburg Police Department has been contacted for comment.

Dolly Hendrickes
Dolly Hendrickes has been jailed for 40 years after being found guilty of the 2019 murder of her boyfriend. Harrisburg Police Department