Dolly Parton 'Becomes' Hozier When Track Is Slowed in Bizarre Internet Discovery

Dolly Parton has one of those instantly recognizable voices in the music industry—that country twang couldn't be anyone else —or could it?

Fans of the musician have noticed the "Jolene" singer sounds incredibly like folk singer Hozier when slowed down.

"Somebody once said Dolly Parton slowed down is Hozier and Hozier sped up is Dolly Parton," commented one fan on a video of "Jolene" slowed down—and TikTok user Danielle Smith just had to try it out properly.

In a video with 12 million views, Smith rushed to her cupboard to find a Hozier record and tested it out herself. After connecting the record player to her in-built speaker around the house, she sped the record up.

Like magic, Hozier became Dolly Parton singing "Like Real People Do" with her high-pitched country singing. "You have no idea the depths to which I love this realization," commented one user.

"We are in a simulation," joked another.


Reply to @frumaelizabeth I’m absolutely shooketh in my bloomin’ pantaloons y’all #hozier #dollyparton

♬ original sound - Danielle Smith

The video can also be seen here.

As noted by many fans, the similarity between the surprising pair likely comes from the Irish folk influence they both have in their music along with a whole load of coincidence. Parton makes Appalachian music, which is deeply influenced by Irish and Scottish music at its core, while Hozier, who is Irish himself, is heavily influenced by folk.

Smith went on to try out "Take Me To Church" sped up too, but the result wasn't half as effective as the original and fans found it sounded more like Parton's goddaughter Miley Cyrus.

Despite Smith's attempt at making a Parton cover of "Take Me To Church" not proving as successful, TikTok user @alienasstronaut did it in February, writing, in a video that can be viewed here, that they "just accidentally discovered that if you play a Hozier 33 as a 45 you get Dolly Parton."

That time around, the Hozier to Parton conversion worked impressively well and was almost indistinguishable from her real singing voice for some viewers.

#stitch with @alienasstronaut Here's a Dolly Parton 45 played as a 33! (sorry for my shaky hands and dusty set up) #dollyparton #9to5 #hozier #music

♬ Take Me to Church - Hozier

Another user responded in February, suggesting "9-5" can be turned into a slow ballad-style Hozier track by simply slowing it down on the record player. Smith instead tried it with the Parton classic "Jolene" and relatively unknown "Love, You're So Beautiful Tonight" which was reminiscent of Hozier, but according to fans, had too much twang.

"If you squint your ears, you can kind of hear Hozier, but mostly Dolly Parton mocking Hozier," joked one user.

Parton slowed down has long impressed the internet, with it simply taking on a whole other voice rather than sounding like her slowed down. In 2011 a YouTube channel posted "Jolene" slowed to 33 revolutions per minute (rpm), and has gained over 11 million views in the time since. Comments on the video question the legitimacy of the video, wondering if it's really Parton singing.

In fact, Parton's ability to change her singing voice is one of her performance tricks, with the singer frequently going full-on Alvin and The Chipmunks on stage, impersonating herself as a 45 rpm record played at 78 rpm.

Parton's closeness to Hozier's singing voice has even had fans second guessing if there's a deeper conspiracy to it all. Despite appearing on the show, and being her godmother, we doubt Parton has taken a leaf out of Hannah Montana's book with this one.