Man Arrested After Leaving Oreo at Crime Scene Jumps Off Courthouse Balcony During Hearing

A man has been seriously injured after jumping off a court balcony onto the floor below during his sentencing hearing for a crime in which he left DNA evidence on a packet of Oreos at the scene.

Donald Mullins, 44, of Columbus, Ohio, appeared at Franklin County Government Center on Thursday, May 20, to face charges of aggravated burglary, reported WCMH.

During the hearing, Mullins had asked Judge Mark Serrott to delay sentencing so he could have surgery for health issues. The request was denied, although Serrott noted that Mullins did appear feeble during the hearing.

After Serrott denied the extension, Mullins ran out of the courtroom and jumped off a sixth floor balcony onto the floor below.

Disturbing video filmed by an onlooker at the court shows the aftermath of the incident, with Mullins seen crawling on the floor while bleeding heavily.

Mullins then stays on the ground for several minutes while surrounded by law enforcement officers trying to help him.

He was taken to Grant Medical Center, suffering injuries including a broken leg, reported WCMH.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has been contacted for comment on the incident.

An additional charge of escaping custody is expected to be added to Mullins' original charge, for which he received a four-six year prison sentence.

Mullins was charged with aggravated burglary after an 82-year-old neighbor gave him money which he said he needed to pay his electricity bill.

Mullins returned on two other occasions to ask for more money, but the neighbor refused to hand over any more.

In January 2020, Mullins once again arrived at the 82-year-old man's home, eating a packet of Oreos. Mullins then asked the victim to use his bathroom.

when he didn't immediately return, the man went looking for Mullins and went into his bedroom. Mullins then shoved the elderly victim to the floor and stole around $400-$500 from the man's pocket.

Mullins' DNA was later found on the Oreos he brought into the home, helping secure a conviction, reported WCMH.

As noted by The Sussi Report, who first reported on Mullins jumping off the court balcony, Mullins failed to show up to court for a hearing in January, which resulted in him forfeiting his bond. He was eventually tracked down and arrested following his no-show at court.

Mullins pleaded guilty to one count of robbery on March 24, in return for the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office dropping the aggravated burglary and theft charges which were originally filed against him.

Donald Mullins jumps court balcony
(File photo) A judges gavel rests on top of a desk in the courtroom of the newly opened Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum February 3, 2009 in Miami, Florida. A man has been seriously injured in Ohio after jumping off a court balcony onto the floor. Joe Raedle/Getty Images