Donald Trump-Backed Republican Candidate Set to Attend Las Vegas QAnon Event

A Michigan Republican candidate endorsed by Donald Trump has become the latest GOP politician to be listed as attending a QAnon event in Nevada.

Kristina Karamo, who is running for Michigan Secretary of State, an office that administers election law, was named as a special guest for the upcoming "For & Country: Patriot Double Down" event in Las Vegas later this month.

The weekend convention is organized by John Sabal, known as QAnon John, and his partner, Amy, who have both promoted the debunked conspiracy theory and claim the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from Trump.

On Saturday, Karamo confirmed her attendance in a Facebook post where she said: "Come To The Patriot Double Down Where I will be speaking."

Karamo has also supported baseless claims that the 2020 Election was riddled with election fraud, which resulted in Joe Biden winning the race to the White House.

According to The Detroit News, Karamo traveled to Arizona in June to view the state's 2020 election audit.

There, she claimed there was "overwhelming evidence" of fraud and added it raised "reasonable concerns" about the results in Michigan, a state Biden won back from Trump.

Her vocal support of Trump's unfounded election fraud claims was ultimately rewarded last month when Trump endorsed her for the Michigan Secretary of State election in 2022.

The GOP-backed Arizona audit would ultimately uphold President Biden's victory, deflating QAnon followers who had hoped it would spark a chain reaction of similar election fraud investigations across the country.

But, the audit and a change of venues have not appeared to have dampened the organizers' hopes for the QAnon event that has already listed several GOP politicians as attending.

Among them are Arizona Republican State Senators Sonny Borelli and Wendy Rodgers, as well as Arizona House of Representatives members Mark Finchem and Leo BiasiucciI.

Convention attendees will be able to see Ron Watkins, a man accused by some of being behind the QAnon conspiracy—claims that he denies.

The event had been canceled by Caesars Entertainment in August, but soon found a new venue after major Trump backer Don Ahern stepped in to host the event at the Ahern Hotel, according to Vice News.

When asked why she was attending the event organized by QAnon followers, Karamo told Newsweek: "In America, people are free to believe whatever they want. My concern is to speak to all Americans about the importance of protecting the security of our elections.

"Drawing upon Michigan, the current Secretary of State has recently submitted rules that not only weaken our elections but also disenfranchise low and middle-income people who want to run for office. I am happy to speak to all Americans regarding the travesty occurring in the state of Michigan.""

Newsweek has contacted the Patriot Double Down organizers for comment.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that claims former President Trump will somehow expose an international cabal of satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles who operate a child sex trafficking ring.

Following the inauguration of President Biden, QAnon followers have merged their beliefs with other conspiracy theories, including those related to the COVID pandemic.

Many QAnon followers now promote anti-vax conspiracies and are outspoken in their anger at mask mandates that have been passed in parts of the country.

Karamo will speak at the QAnon event
Donald Trump endorsed Kristina Karamo for the position of Michigan Secretary of State. Getty/ KristinaforSOS