Donald Trump Buddha Statues Are Being Sold Across China

A Chinese furniture maker made headlines this week after it began selling Donald Trump Buddha statues online, spawning a string of competing copycats.

Buyers on Alibaba-owned e-commerce site Taobao can order a 6-inch pensive statuette of the 45th president of the United States starting at 999 Chinese yuan ($150).

The figurine features former President Trump meditating in a lotus position with his eyes shut. The miniature sculpture, which can be made in either porcelain or resin, is listed on Taobao as "Ancient India Know-All Buddha Trump."

The toy is accompanied by the phrase "Make Your Company Great Again," a play on the president's 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

Donald Trump Buddha Statues Sell In China
Donald Trump Buddha Statues Sell In China

While the statue comes in only one pose, it is offered in two sizes—a larger 18-inch version of the president in Buddhist monk robes is available for 3,999 Chinese yuan ($615)

The five-star Taobao carpentry business named "Buduo" has already sold 36 of the statuettes, including two of the big ones. It has promised customers delivery in April.

Donald Trump Buddha Statues Sell In China
Donald Trump Buddha Statues Sell In China

According to China's state-owned tabloid Global Times, which said it spoke with the unnamed owner, most buyers are purchasing the figurine for fun.

There appears to be a larger market for Trump memorabilia in China. Several businesses on Taobao are now listing copycat Donald Trump Buddha statues—some even offering a seven-day unconditional refund policy.

Other related merchandise on the retail website includes T-shirts and hoodies bearing the president's likeness, as well as mugs shaped like his face.

For a discounted price of 16 Chinese yuan, shoppers can even get their hands on a Trump-themed toilet brush, which features his iconic orange hair as the bristles.

Donald Trump Memorabilia Sells On Taobao
A toilet brush made in former President Donald Trump's likeness is listed on Chinese e-commerce website Taobao for $2.6. Sifanghang/Taobao

The Chinese government had a complex relationship with the Trump administration. It began with a diplomatic faux pas and led to a phase-one trade deal before disagreements over Beijing's early handling of COVID-19 plunged bilateral ties to an all-time low.

Officially, Beijing is still blaming President Joe Biden's predecessor for fraught U.S.-China relations, but the Chinese public seemed to enjoy watching much of the controversy he created in domestic American politics, right up until his high-profile Twitter ban in January.

"Trump" was the most searched term on Chinese social media and microblogging website Weibo in 2020, according to local media reports.

Between January 1 and December 24 last year, the former president found himself on Weibo's trending list 589 times—nearly 60 percent more than the celebrity who placed second on the list: singer/actor Wang Yibo.

Trump was the only non-Chinese person and the only politician to appear among the 20 most-searched individuals of the year.