Chris Cuomo Says Trump's Intervention in Gallagher Case Shows 'He Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything As President'

CNN host Chris Cuomo has hit out at the Republican party for what he described as its failure to stand for anything other than "allowing Trump to do whatever he wants."

Cuomo suggested on Monday evening that the president's call to restore Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, after he was found guilty of misconduct for posing for photos with the body of a captured member of militant group Islamic State, was indicative of Trump's belief that he can "get away with anything."

"The law and order president who promised to end the carnage has ignored the law, ignored due process, attacked the justice system, not out of any grand principle, just to protect himself. And he does it because he thinks he can get away with anything as president," Cuomo said.

Trump's decision to intervene in military affairs to restore Gallagher's rank and allow him to retire as a Navy SEAL has been called into question by critics.

"The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher's Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!" Trump tweeted last week, prompting a Navy spokesperson to respond: "The Navy follows the lawful orders of the President. We are aware of the President's tweet and we are awaiting further guidance," Reuters reported.

The commander-in-chief's decision to weigh-in and prevent Gallagher from taking part in a disciplinary hearing that could have resulted in the loss of his Trident pin marks another clash with the Navy and prompted the recent resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

It is a situation that Cuomo suggested showed that Trump's behavior appeared unchecked by the Republican Party, which, he said, "might as well change its name to Team Trump."

"If they continue to allow this president to flout all standards of not just presidential behavior, but adult behavior, if they stand for nothing, they will fall for anything. And that's what's excusing obvious abuses and wrongs suggest," Cuomo said. "What do they stand for, except allowing Trump to do whatever he wants? They might as well change their name to Team Trump. I'm sure POTUS would be fine with that. Here's the real question. If President Trump decided to rename the party, who would stand in his way?"