Trump's 2018 Approval Ratings Show He's The Most Unpopular President in History And Failing At His Job

President Donald Trump talks with journalists after signing tax reform legislation in the Oval Office December 22, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump failed his first year in office, voters say.

Asked to grade Trump's first year in office, more voters gave him an "F" than an "A" and "B" combined, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll published on Tuesday. Thirty-five percent of respondents said the president failed his first year in office while 34 percent gave him an "A" or "B." Meanwhile, 14 percent marked him a "C" and 11 percent graded his performance a "D."

The results were similar to a Quinnipiac survey published last Wednesday. When asked the same question, only 16 percent of Quinnipiac respondents in gave Trump an "A," while 39 percent gave him an "F" and 17 percent said he deserved a "D." Another 16 percent of voters gave him a "B" and the remaining 11 percent gave Trump a "C."

The new poll shows Trump remains more popular among men the women, with 38 percent of men giving him an "A" or "B" while just 31 percent of women did. Fifty percent of women said he earned a "D" or an "F" but only 42 percent of men agreed.

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Trump remains a deeply politically polarizing figure. He continues to enjoy support from Republicans—72 percent gave him an "A" or "B." Just 10 percent of Republicans gave Trump a "D" or "F", while 79 percent of Democrats did. Only 8 percent of Democrats gave Trump high marks.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll found that about twice as many voters say President Donald Trump deserved an "F" for his first year than deserved an "A." NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Trump didn't fare much better with Independent voters: about 27 percent said he deserved an "A" or "B" and 45 percent gave Trump a "D" or "F."

Though Trump's overall grade was low, his marks improved on a few specific topics. Forty-two percent of voters gave him an "A" or "B" on both jobs and the economy. Trump split the vote on fighting terrorism, with 39 percent saying he deserved an "A" or "B" and another 39 percent giving him a "D" or "F." The rest, 14 percent, graded him a "C."

Trump's fewest positive marks came on his campaign promise to "drain the swamp." Just 22 percent gave him an "A" or "B" there, while 42 percent gave him a "D" or "F."

His lowest grades were or climate change (49 percent "Ds" or "Fs").

Voters also remain decided on Trump's potential. With a quarter of his tenure nearly completed, 37 percent of respondents think his performance will improve while 37 percent say it will decline. Nineteen percent of voters said his work will remain the same.

The survey was conducted January 4-5. Pollsters interviewed 1,988 registered voters and the results have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.