Inside This Week's Magazine: What if Donald Trump wins?, The Rise of the Euro Right


In this week's issue of Newsweek Europe, our cover story imagines a Donald Trump presidency. That's becoming more of a possibility as Trump moves towards the Republican nomination for U.S. president. But would he be the populist authoritarian that everyone fears or would the American political system constrain him as it does every president and force him into the center?

Also in the magazine this week, Adam Lebor writes about the startling rise of neo-Nazis in Slovakia, along with the more centrist but right-leaning parties that hold power in Poland and Hungary. Lebor examines what explains this shift to the right in Eastern and Central Europe.

And in our Downtime section this week, we have an exclusive interview with Novak Djokovic's father. So much of what has made Djokovic the world's best male tennis player is, according to his father, all down to his father. As we find out, the relationship between the two men has not always been harmonious.

All this and more in the latest issue of Newsweek Europe. On sale now.