Donald Trump Says U.S. Could Have Made a Fortune From Ukraine War

Donald Trump has suggested that the U.S. could have made a "fortune" from the Ukraine war by exploiting oil sanctions on Russia.

Speaking to Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo, the former president urged countries not to purchase oil from Russia in the wake of its invasion of its neighbor, and said that if he were still president the U.S. would be "exporting oil to everybody" instead.

When asked if President Joe Biden should put sanctions on Russia's oil sector, Trump replied: "You should open it up in the United States and you should buy no oil whatsoever from Russia.

"He should open it up—it'll take a while, that's the problem, we had it there already—our country would have made an absolute fortune, more money than has ever made, on this situation."

Trump also suggested that Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine would not have occurred if he were president.

"Now, the situation itself would have never happened so we wouldn't have had that problem. But we had low energy costs that were very abundant. And now they've closed all the leases, they've ended exploration," he said.

Trump repeated the suggestion that countries should stop buying Russian oil to financially punish the country for the attack on Ukraine, which would also benefit the U.S.

"You stop buying their oil, because they're right now with all of the banking stuff, but they're letting billions of dollars a day go back into Russia.

"You stop buying their oil, and you open up your own oil," Trump said. "We don't need oil from these countries. These countries are not our friends. We don't need oil, we have more oil."

Trump added that one of the "biggest advantages" that the U.S. has over China is that the Asian powerhouse does not have any oil.

"It's liquid gold under our feet. We have oil and China doesn't," Trump said.

Trump described the death and destruction in Ukraine at the hands of Russia's military as like a "holocaust" while once again blaming the war breaking out on Biden.

"I look at what's happening in our country, it's like it's run by fools," Trump said.

"We're fighting Russia. We're watching a holocaust. We're watching something that I've never seen before."

Trump also suggested that the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is "far worse" than is being reported.

"When you see buildings being blown up and then they say one person died? Give me a break. Many people are dying and we're allowing this to happen."

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Former President Donald Trump looks back at journalists after welcoming Mongolian President Battulga Khaltmaa to the White House in Washington, D.C. on July 31, 2019. Trump has suggested that the U.S. could have made a “fortune” from the Ukraine war. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images