Donald Trump is 'Getting Impeached,' Former White House Ethics Chief Predicts: 'It's Happening'

A former ethics lawyer predicted that President Donald Trump will be impeached from office.

Richard Painter, who was the chief ethics lawyer for former President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007, tweeted a video of House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on Thursday morning, writing that the current president would be impeached.

"It's happening,@realDonaldTrump is getting impeached. Anyone who doesn't support@JerryNadler and the work of his committee has no respect for the Constitution," Painter wrote.

Despite Painter's prediction, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not expressed support for impeachment. CNN reported that at least 137 of the current 235 Democrats in the House have expressed support for the move.

Although Pelosi has faced calls from representatives to start the process to remove Trump from office, she has not ceded to pressure and often references the divisive quality of impeachment procedures.

"Legislate, investigate, litigate. That's the path that we've been on, and that's the path we continue to be on," Pelosi said last week during her weekly press briefing. She said that the American people "understand that impeachment is a very divisive measure, but if we have to go there, we'll have to go there. But we can't go there unless we have the facts, and we will follow the facts ... and make our decision when we're ready."

Pelosi's choice to delay impeachment proceedings has also drawn the ire of the Democrats across America. A Politico/Morning Consult poll published on Wednesday found that, although 37 percent of voters support impeachment proceedings, 70 percent of Democrats want such proceedings to begin.

In other tweets he wrote on Thursday morning, Painter voiced a common sentiment among those who support impeachment.

"2020 will be a disaster for Democrats if ⁦@SpeakerPelosi doesn't get out of the way. ⁦@RepJerryNadler⁩ is just trying to do his job," he wrote. "House Judiciary Chair@JerryNadler is trying to do his job to uphold the Constitution, and@SpeakerPelosi won't let him. She needs to resign NOW."

Nadler, as chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has led the charge on investigations into Trump's alleged misconduct alleged. Nadler said in May that, although there was justification to start impeachment proceedings, there wasn't enough public support to do so.

"The American people right now do not support it because they do not know the story. They don't know the facts. We have to get the facts out. We have to hold a series of hearings; we have to hold the investigations," he said while speaking on WNYC.

As the investigations have continued, Nadler's tone has changed.

"Personally, I think the president ought to be impeached," he told WYNC on Monday.

"We have to show that this kind of behavior -- trashing the Constitution, trashing all the norms which guarantee democratic government, aggrandizing power to the Presidency and destroying the separation of powers and thereby leading the president to become more and more of a tyrant cannot be tolerated. And it cannot be normalized," he said.

President Donald Trump visits the US-Mexico border fence in Otay Mesa, California, on September 18. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images