Donald Trump Ally Newt Gingrich Says 'Psychological War' at Border Was Started, Funded by 'American Leftists'

A "real" and "psychological war" is taking place at the country's shared border and American leftists and "left-wing organizations" are behind it in an attempt to "embarrass" the United States, according to former Speaker of the House and Donald Trump ally Newt Gingrich.

The former Georgia lawmaker made his claim on Fox News' Fox & Friends Monday morning amid reports of violence at the border and threats by Trump to shut down the border entirely. Gingrich's comments appeared to echo often-peddled conspiracy theories about liberal billionaire and political donor George Soros, who has become a lightning rod for criticism on the right.

"This war on the border is real," Gingrich said. "And what people are trying to do is a psychological war, very often guided, by the way, by American leftists who are activists and American left-wing organizations who are helping finance it."

Gingrich explained the primary goal of the leftists he said were behind the border war was to take control of the country's border out of the government's hands.

"And their goal is to find some way to embarrass the U.S. government so we can't even control our own border. And we have to be prepared to stand up to that, and to do whatever is necessary," he said.

Gingrich added: "You are either going to have a country and have a border or you are not going to have a country."

As increasing numbers of migrants tried to enter the country, Trump told Mexico on Monday that it should do anything within its power to stop them and to send them back to their countries of origin. The president also said that unless such action was taken he would "permanently" close off the southern border as an entry point.

"Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A. We will close the Border permanently if need be. Congress, fund the WALL!" Trump tweeted.

Trump issued a proclamation earlier this month that banned asylum claims for immigrants who illegally entered the country. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, however, issued last week a temporary restraining order against the Trump administration, ruling the president did not have the authority to override Congress and laws already on the books.

The president, who ran heavily on hindering illegal immigration and the construction of a border wall to protect the country, lashed out at the court as a "disgrace" and claimed it had been especially unfair to his administration.

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Central American migrants -mostly from Honduras- cross the shallow concrete waterway of the bordering Tijuana River as they try to reach the El Chaparral border crossing point in Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on November 25. AFP via Getty Images/Guillermo Arias