Ilhan Omar Compares Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry to 'Mob Boss' Convicted On One 'Narrow Case'

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has compared the impeachment inquiry to the prosecution of a mob boss, commenting that the inquiry should focus on Ukraine because "we have a clear case and I believe we should follow this one."

Speaking in an interview with MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber, "The Squad" member suggested that there were many things President Donald Trump could be impeached for, but that the Ukraine issue should be the focus.

"I have said for a really long time that it wasn't going to be... if the president was getting impeached it was going to be when," Omar told Melber.

"I believed there were multiple reasons for us to move impeachment on this president and right now I think it is really important for us to have it be narrowed because this is a really concise case, regardless of the shenanigans the Republicans are engaged in at the moment the public can clearly understand where the violations are and can follow this case," she added.

Melber asked Omar whether she believed that allegations of racism against President Trump, which she herself has made, or the findings of the Mueller report should be included in the impeachment inquiry or whether the articles of impeachment should not be so broad, prompting Omar to suggest Ukraine should be the sole focus.

"This particular case with Ukraine is a clear example of how this lawless president has taken advantage of the public trust, has violated his oath of office, and why it's important for us to impeach him so that we can restore the integrity and the honesty and the trust of the presidency," she responded.

"Right now we have a clear case and I believe we should follow this one. I have used examples where you've had mob bosses who have committed atrocity after atrocity, have violated our criminal codes of conduct, and we got them on one narrow case, but they get to serve time. And what's important right now is that for this particular president that we know has many cases we could impeach him on that we focus on the one the public is paying attention to and impeach him on that," she added.

Her comments came as the Intelligence Committee prepared to release its report on Tuesday evening; the culmination of several months of fact-finding that came following whistleblower allegations that claimed Trump had attempted to pressure a foreign entity to investigate his political rivals. President Trump has denied the allegations and branded the inquiry a "witch hunt."

It is not the first time that Omar has suggested the president should be impeached —suggesting back in July that the president's comments about her and other members of "The Squad" were grounds for his removal from office.

"I have not made impeachment central to my election or my tenure," Omar said following the president's suggestion that four congresswomen of color should "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came."

Rep. Ilhan Omar: "It is time for us to impeach this President"

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 15, 2019

"But since the day that I was elected, I've said to people it is not if he will be impeached, but when. It is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our Constitution. It is time for us to impeach this president," she said at the time—a sentiment she renewed this week.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.