Donald Trump Should Be Impeached If He Obstructed Justice or Colluded With Russia, More Than 60 Percent of Americans Say in New Poll

For more than a year, the American people have waited for the ultimate results of the investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller, who was charged with investigation President Donald Trump's potential connections with Russia.

There have already been results. More than 30 people have been charged with crimes, including six Trump advisers. Former campaign chair Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, among other crimes. Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone was indicted for lying to Congress.

But a lot of Americans are most interested in what will happen with the president when it's all said and done. And a lot of the speculation has centered on two potential charges: colluding with Russia and obstructing justice.

A new poll from The Washington Post released Tuesday asked about those charges and if they would warrant impeachment. And, for most Americans, the answer was yes.

The Post asked: "If Mueller's report concludes that Trump authorized his 2016 campaign to coordinate with the Russian government, would you support or oppose Congress impeaching Trump and trying to remove him from office?"

Sixty-one percent of respondents supported impeachment and attempted removal from office in that case, while just 33 percent opposed.

donald trump impeached collusion obstruction
President Donald Trump waves before departing Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland, on February 11, 2019. A majority of Americans think Trump should be impeached if he obstructed justice or colluded. Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Images

The Post also asked: "If Mueller's report concludes that Trump tried to interfere with the Russia investigation in a way that amounts to obstruction of justice, would you support or oppose Congress impeaching Trump and trying to remove him from office?"

The results were similar to those of the collusion question. Sixty-five percent of respondents supported impeachment and attempted removal from office, while 29 percent opposed.

The poll from the Washington Post/Schar School surveyed 841 U.S. adults from February 6 through February 10. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Numerous Democratic lawmakers have called for Trump to be impeached. Texas Democratic Representative Al Green, for instance, vowed last week that the House would vote on Trump's impeachment regardless of the results of Mueller's probe. Also referencing the multiple racism scandals in Virginia, Green called out what he saw as bigotry from Trump.

"We've had 400 years to deal with it and we haven't. What better way to deal with bigotry in this country than to say to the world we will extricate a president from office for his bigotry?" he said on the House floor. "There will be a vote on impeachment regardless as to what the Mueller Commission says. Bigotry in policy will not be tolerated."