A new poll has shown that a majority of Americans don't want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to run as President in 2024.

The poll, conducted by YouGov with Yahoo, was taken between June 10 and June 13, 2022 and asked 1,541 people a series of questions.

On the question regarding should former President Donald Trump run for President in 2024, 55 percent of people said no while 31 percent said yes.

When broken down into political affiliations, 80 percent of Democrats voted no while 14 percent of Democrats voted yes.

For Republicans, 25 percent voted no while 58 percent votes yes.

President Biden received an even more negative verdict from poll participants.

When asked whether Biden should run again for President in 2024, 64 percent of people said no while 21 percent said yes.

When broken down into political affiliations, 36 percent of Democrats said no while 43 percent of Democrats said yes.

Of Republicans, 84 percent said that he should not run again while 10 percent said yes.

Trump vs Biden

When asked who they would vote for if Trump and Biden ran against each other in the 2024 election, the majority favoured Trump.

42 percent of people said that they would vote for Donald Trump while only 39 percent said they would vote for Joe Biden and 20 percent said they were not sure.

Trump's Popularity

Despite beating Biden in the YouGov poll, Trump has seen a slight dip in popularity following the beginning of the January 6 committee hearing, according to a Fox News poll.

The opinion poll was conducted between June 10 and June 13, according to a Fox News report. This is days after the first January 6 hearing that was held on June 9.

The poll, which also highlighted that President Joe Biden has seen his popularity fall, showed the fluctuation in the former president's popularity.

According to the poll, 55 percent of registered voters asked have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, compared to 44 percent holding a favorable opinion.

The poll also highlighted data taken from previous polls of the former president.

In February, 54 percent of registered voters held an unfavorable opinion of Trump, this is compared to 45 percent favorable. In December 2021, Trump received the same percentage of favorable and unfavorable votes.

According to the poll, the last time Trump held such a small favorable opinion vote of 44 percent was in late October 2020. In this poll, 55 percent of participants held an unfavorable opinion of him.

In June 2018, 45 percent of Fox News poll participants held a favorable opinion of Trump while 53 percent held an unfavorable opinion.

The first January 6 hearing, which was televised during prime time, was able to focus on Trump and his role, if any, in the January 6 Capitol riot.

In a moment that reportedly elicited gasps at the committee hearing, Representative Liz Cheney, vice chair and one of just two Republican members of the committee, outlined the former president's alleged reaction to the chants of "Hang Mike Pence" that some of the protesters directed at then-Vice President Mike Pence on January 6.

"Aware of the rioters' chants to 'hang Mike Pence,' the president responded with this sentiment: 'Maybe our supporters have the right idea.' Mike Pence 'deserves it,'" Cheney said.

Newsweek has contacted the White House and Donald Trump for comment.

A new YouGov Poll has shown Americans views on Trump and Biden running for presidency. In this combination image, U.S. President Joe Biden waits for the beginning of a virtual Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) at the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building June 17, 2022 and Former U.S. President Donald Trump gives the keynote address at the Faith & Freedom Coalition during their annual "Road To Majority Policy Conference" at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center June 17, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.Getty