Donald Trump and Joe Biden Supporters Seen Shaking Hands in Viral 'Be Kind' Photo

A photo of a President Donald Trump supporter shaking hands with a backer of presidential candidate Joe Biden is being shared on Twitter.

In the photo, a man holding a Biden flag and wearing a blue hat is seen shaking hands with a man holding a Trump flag and wearing a red Trump t-shirt. The Biden supporter is wearing a face mask while the Trump supporter appears to have a mask or covering around his neck.

The photo was shared by Denver-based Vic Vela, journalist and host of CPR News, who simply captioned the photo: "Be kind."

Be kind.

— Vic Vela (@VicVela1) October 20, 2020

However, the photo—which has been liked hundreds of times—has sparked mixed emotions on social media. Despite its display of unity, the image has stirred division in the comments.

Some Twitter users appreciate the display of kindness in the photo despite the men's differing political views during a tumultuous time so close to the presidential election on November 3.

For example, Twitter user Millie said: "I'd like to see more of this in our country," while Nashville's Good News Network replied to the photo and said: "This is awesome in a time of major division—a simple act of kindness and friendship. May this set an example for the rest of the nation."

But other Twitter users disagree with the idea of having to be kind to or show affection for someone who supports a presidential candidate with policies that will harm them or people they love.

For example, Twitter user Bella said: "The idea of being obligated to be friends, or anything close, with someone who is enabling the very man that is taking mine and many other people's rights away is very disturbing."

Another Twitter user said: "Cool cool. So the person who probably thinks I should have rights is shaking hands with the person who definitely thinks I shouldn't have rights."

The men in the photo have also being criticized online for shaking hands, which is not recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) due to the risk of spreading coronavirus. The CDC is instead recommending non-contact forms of greetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the Trump supporter has been criticized for not wearing his face mask over his mouth and nose, despite being in close proximity to another person.

Twitter user Zach Cramer asked: "Is the message be kind: wear a mask unlike this kid shaking this dudes hand?" while Twitter user Megan Whelan said: "Put on a mask. That demonstrates kindness and care for the community you live in. Not this."

Trump Biden Supporters
A President Donald Trump supporter and a former Vice President Joe Biden supporter converse before the Joe Biden Campaign Rally at the National World War I Museum and Memorial on March 7, 2020, in Kansas City, Missouri. A photo of a Trump supporter shaking hands with a Biden supporter has sparked mixed opinions on Twitter. Getty/Kyle Rivas