Donald Trump Jr. Teaches Daughter About Socialism by Taking Her Halloween Candy

Donald Trump Jr. joked Tuesday he's planning to teach his daughter about socialism by giving away half of his daughter's Halloween candy to "a kid who sat at home." President Donald Trump's eldest son posted a picture of his three-year-old daughter Chloe, who was dressed as a police officer for Halloween, on Twitter, but his joke backfired as social media users pointed out the incongruity of his statement.

"I'm going to take half of Chloe's candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It's never to early to teach her about socialism," Trump Jr. wrote, sharing the picture.

"You mean the candy that she got for free out of the goodness of strangers' hearts?" one person replied, while another said: "This isn't socialism but nice try."

Others suggested it was selfish to teach children not to share, with one Twitter user writing: "Honey, see this free candy you just got? Don't share it with anyone. That's how the Trumps operate. We are selfish."

Trump Jr.'s comments come hours after he offered former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton a mask of his father to wear for Halloween after Clinton joked she'd consider dressing as the president on October 31.

"That's cute. She can borrow my ‪@realDonaldTrump mask," Trump Jr. joked.

He had previously shared a picture of himself wearing a Trump mask while shopping for costumes with his daughter Chloe, whose candy he later joked about stealing.

"What do you think? Hard not to go with the MAGA theme…" he wrote on Instagram on October 21. "Chloe likes it too," he added.

The president has made his own Halloween gaffes, commenting to one child as the Oval Office hosted the children of reporters: ""You have no weight problems; that's the good news, right?" also telling reporters they had done "a good job here," referring to their kids, while adding of himself: "I wouldn't say you did a good job here," Business Insider reported.

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