Donald Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian Lawyer 'Simplest Possible Definition of Collusion,' Stephen Colbert Says

Stephen Colbert had some things to say about the latest developments in the Russia investigation during his monologue on Monday night's Late Show.

After Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 presidential campaign told NBC she was also "an informant," Colbert reacted by saying "This is huge."

"Donald Trump Jr. was meeting with an informant for the Russian government about Russia releasing dirt on Hillary Clinton in order to help Trump get elected. That is the simplest possible definition of collusion you could come up with. That is it," Colbert said.

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On President Donald Trump's suggestion that Veselnitskaya's comments were likely a Kremlin ruse to create chaos in the United States, Colbert summed it up with: "Yes, she was never taking orders from Putin and she's only saying she took orders from Putin under orders from Putin. And Putin must be making up that she's a Russian government attorney because the only other way anybody would possibly believe that she was a Russian government attorney is if they read Donald Trump [Jr.]'s email setting up the meeting with 'the Russian government attorney.'"

Colbert then went on to joke about an NBC report saying that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has repeatedly called Trump "an idiot." On the report claiming that Kelly had said that women were more emotional than men, Colbert said "have you met the president?"

"Women have a range of emotions," Colbert joked. "Trump has two. Anger and 'you remind me of my daughter.'"

Kelly denied the report and Colbert quipped that Rex Tillerson had replied "what a moron," referring to a similar report during the former Secretary of State's tenure which said he had called Trump "a moron".