Donald Trump Jr. said he is unconcerned about anything he did surrounding a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating, but that he could see Mueller's team fabricating something to charge him.

Trump Jr. has acknowledged that he took part in the New York meeting, in which a Russian attorney and other nationals promised damaging information on Trump's election opponent, Hillary Clinton. A focus of Mueller's probe has been that meeting and a subsequent misleading statement reportedly dictated by President Donald Trump, but he has not filed charges against any individuals.

"I know that I'm not worried about anything I actually did," Trump Jr. told USA Today in a report published Wednesday. "That doesn't mean they don't totally fabricate all of this stuff at this point."

Donald Trump Jr. walks around Trump Tower in New York, on December 6, 2016. Trump Jr. said he was not worried about what he did in a meeting there with a Russian lawyer, but that it didn't mean special counsel Robert Mueller’s team would not “totally fabricate all of this stuff.”DUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images

Four former Trump campaign officials have been charged in the special counsel's probe. There has been no evidence of any charges being fabricated.

Trump Jr. made a similar suggestion when asked on ABC's Good Morning America in September if he feared any legal exposure in Mueller's probe.

"I'm not, because I know what I did, and I'm not worried about any of that," the president's eldest son said. "That doesn't mean they won't try to create something. I mean, we've seen that happen with everything. But, again, I'm not."

Trump Jr. in that same interview admitted that Mueller's probe "has been very difficult" for him but that he has been able to separate it from the rest of his life.

"In the end, I know what I've done and I'm not worried about that at all, because you know, I've done nothing that anyone else wouldn't do in that position, in my opinion," he said.

He also downplayed the indictments and plea deals that Trump campaign associates have been hit with in the investigation.

"I understand that they are trying to get my father, and they'll do anything they can to get that," Trump Jr. said.

In August, when CNN reported based on White House sources that Trump had been worried for months that Trump Jr. could be exposed in Mueller's probe, and that it was apparent in his increased public attacks on the special counsel, the president issued a denial on Twitter.

"Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower," Trump tweeted. "This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!"

Trump Jr., who runs his father's company the Trump Organization, has assumed a larger role in politics in recent months, hitting the campaign trail in support of Republicans ahead of next month's midterm elections.