'Awful' People in the White House Want to Hurt Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie Claims

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway's gaffes may be well documented, but they are not entirely her fault according to New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who said there were people inside the White House trying to hurt her.

Speaking in an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, the former New Jersey governor suggested that figures within Trump's White House were working against the embattled counsellor.

"She has this unique position that she's earned," Christie said.

"She's gotten a bad rap at times, but I think that's because of some of the really awful people inside the White House who have been trying to hurt her, as opposed to anything the press came up with on its own," he added.

Conway's on-screen errors have included her mentioning the non-existent "Bowling Green massacre."

Despite this, Christie insisted the counselor was "skilled" in making television appearances.

"I think that she is the president's political adviser and she is someone who is very skilled on television. She's unique in the White House in someone who can give him both political and policy advice," he said.

Christie's comments come following Conway's revelation that she has previously been offered the White House communications director role, which has just been vacated by President Donald Trump's longstanding aide Hope Hicks.

Despite the multiple offers she said she had received, Conway said she would be remaining as a counselor and would not take the position as White House communications director.

"I've been offered that job many times and no, I work on policy here at the White House," Conway said in an interview with Fox and Friends, also suggesting that Hicks would likely be "back in this orbit" to help the president and his team in future.