Donald Trump Is Lying More Now Than He Was At The Beginning Of His Presidency

President Donald Trump and the truth have grown more distant in recent months, according to a new analysis.

The Washington Post has been tracking the president's false or misleading claims since he took office in January of last year. In total he has averaged 6.5 false or misleading claims a day, but that the number of those claims has crept up since the beginning of his presidency. In the first 100 days of his administration, Trump averaged just 4.9 of those claims a day. In the last two months, that rate has almost doubled to 9 false or misleading claims a day, according to the Post. However, that number is bolstered by Trump's rally in Michigan last week, where he made 44 claims during an 80-minute speech.

In total, the President has made 3,001 false or misleading claims since taking office, according to the Post's analysis.

Many of the president's mendacious claims are repeated over and over. He has repeated his claim that the stock market is doing better than "ever before" 97 times, the most of all his claims. The Post notes that U.S. stocks haven't rallied as strongly as their foreign equivalents in 2017. The Post 's Catherine Rampell noted on Monday that from inauguration to April of the following year, "stock prices rose about three times as much under Obama" as Trump.

Trump has also taken credit for electronic manufacturer FoxConn's decision to build a facility in Wisconsin 78 times, even though it began looking at U.S. investment in 2013. (It originally planned to build a facility in Pennsylvania, but that investment never materialized.)

Rounding out the top three most repeated claims, Trump has said the tax cut he signed into law in December was the largest in history, and larger than the one passed under President Ronald Reagan. The Post notes that the tax cut is actually the eighth largest in U.S. history, smaller than the two tax cuts passed under President Barack Obama.

While the Post did not track false or misleading claims by Obama in the same way they have with Trump, in December the New York Times compared Trump's lies to Obama's and found that in their first 10 months of office, Trump told "nearly six times as many falsehoods as Obama did during his entire presidency."