Woman Gives Trump the Middle Finger After Following Motorcade on a Bicycle

President Donald J. Trump sitting in his limo as he departs the Trump National Golf Club October 22, 2017 in Sterling, Virginia. Ron Sachs, Getty

She persisted.

Donald Trump's motorcade departing from the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia had an extra add-on Saturday, after the president spent the 96th day of his presidency visiting one of his own properties. That addition came in the form of a female cyclist, who had one goal in mind: to flip off the president of the United States.

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Pool reporters first noticed the cyclist trailing the motorcade before she managed to snake her way next to the president's car just outside of the Trump National Golf Club. "A female bicyclist along the motorcade route, just outside the golf course, traveling in the right lane repeatedly extended her middle left finger towards POTUS," the pool stated.

Pool: Motorcade "overtook a female cyclist... who responded by giving the middle finger... cyclist caught up, still offering the finger."

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 28, 2017

The president's car was stopped at a traffic light near the golf course, just about to turn left onto the parkway, when the bicyclist successfully gave the president the middle finger.

Steve Herman, bureau chief of Voice of America News, tweeted the pool report Saturday, writing "I just saw this happen as we left the Trump golf course in Sterling, Virginia."

For many, the pool report could leave more questions than answers.

Who was this bicyclist? Was she upset about the president's frequent golfing excursions? Could his travels to the Virginia golf course and the resulting congestion in traffic have ticked her off? Is she one of the majority of Americans who feel Trump is to blame for the dysfunction in Washington?

None of this is clear, except for the cyclist's intention to give nobody else but Trump the middle finger during his trip home to the White House. Pool reporters have yet to release any footage of the bicyclist's exchange with the president.

Of the 96 visits Trump has taken to his own properties as president, 76 of those have been to golf clubs. Saturday also marked the second-consecutive weekend he visited the Trump National Golf Course in Virginia. It's the first time pool reporters have noted a bicyclist has flipped him off as he was visiting, however.