Did Donald Trump Purposely Not Mention Tom Brady During the Patriots' White House Visit?

Donald Trump
Tom Brady wasn't able to join the Patriots at the White House on Wednesday. Joshua Roberts/Reuters

As North Korea prepares for nuclear war and tensions escalate in the Middle East, President Donald Trump was given some truly bad news Wednesday morning: Tom Brady would not be joining the rest of the New England Patriots at the White House to celebrate their recent Super Bowl win.

“Thank you to the president for hosting this honorary celebration and for supporting our team for as long as I can remember,” Brady said in a statement, which was first reported by ESPN’s Mike Reiss in a tweet. “In light of some recent developments, I am unable to attend today’s ceremony, as I am attending to some personal family matters.”

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After the Super Bowl ended, six Patriots came forward and said they would not be joining the team at the White House, mostly due to Trump's divisive politics. Trump certainly couldn't care less about the absence of a few haters, but Tom Brady? The handsome star quarterback whom Trump has called a "friend," a "great guy" and a "total winner"? It's hard to believe his last-minute slight didn't hurt Trump's feelings just a little, if not a lot.

As has now been well documented, Trump isn't the type to let things go. He holds grudges. He gets revenge. If he feels like he has been wronged, he reciprocates. Wednesday afternoon was no exception: Trump delivered a sweeping speech commending the Patriots accomplishments, both in the past season and throughout the past 15 years. He mentioned everyone from defensive end Trey Flowers to special teamer Nate Ebner.

He did not mention Tom Brady.


Trump praised catches made by Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman, and the coaching decisions of Bill Belichick. He shouted out wide receiver Matt Slater and rookie Malcolm Mitchell. He even talked about how he "thinks of guys like Marcus Cannon and the offensive line."

"Everyone played a role, and everyone played as champions," Trump said.

He failure to mention Brady was most conspicuous as he praised the Patriots' ability to win five Super Bowls in the era of free agency. "You've achieved it five times, many of you," Trump said. "Our coach and our owner have achieved it five times."

In the past, Trump has typically mentioned Kraft, Belichick and Brady together as a kind of triumvirate of success.

On Wednesday, however, Brady's "personal family matters" appeared to be enough for Trump to cut him out of the speech entirely.  Yes, Trump may say that he only wanted to mention those in attendance, but given his history of praising Brady, Brady's role in the Patriots' success and the fact that he and Trump are "friends," it's certainly odd that he didn't even acknowledge Brady. And if he didn't acknowledge him on purpose, it's not just odd. It's petty.

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