Donald Trump Once Again Claims 94 Percent Approval Rating Among Republicans, But Says 'People Don't Get It'

President Donald Trump has once again touted a 94 percent approval rating within the Republican Party, despite polls showing the figure around 10 points lower, and his average approval rating hovering at just 45 percent.

Speaking at the conservative Value Voters Conference on Saturday evening, the president told the crowd his approval rating was at 94 percent, lamenting that there were still those within the Republican Party who did not support him.

"I am at 94 percent approval rating, but still you have people out there who don't get it, they don't get it," he said, also suggesting that the Republican Party did not stick together as well as the Democrats.

"So we love the Republicans, we love what we're doing, we love our programs. In many cases we're better politicians than them [Democrats], we have much better policies, we want strong borders, we want powerful education, we want freedom of speech, we want a strong military, we want a powerful second amendment, which they don't want," he added.

The president has previously tweeted about his 94 percent approval rating among the Republican Party, despite sources including The Washington Post and Vox questioning where he obtained that figure from.

"94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. Thank you!" the president tweeted on September 9, despite the poll he appears to be referring to showing him with a Republican approval rating of 84 percent according to a Monmouth University Poll, or at 88 percent according to an August Fox News poll, The Post reported, attempting to discover where the president's 94 percent claim had come from.

Trump also recently shared a poll, conducted by right-wing website Breitbart that suggested he had an almost 98 percent approval rating, despite Real Clear Politics showing the president's average approval rating stands at 43.5 percent, with a disapproval rating of 53.5 percent.

The president's approval rating has hovered between 40-45 percent in recent months, with the impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month having little impact on his overall approval rating, although it has seen his disapproval rating rise slightly.

However, in the weeks following the announcement of the inquiry, a growing number of registered voters have shown an interest in seeing the president impeached, with a recent poll from Fox News showing that more than 50 percent of people polled wanted to see the president impeached and removed from office.