Donald Trump Says New Piers Morgan Show 'Bombed'—'It's Over for Him!'

Former President Donald Trump said Piers Morgan's career is over in a statement, issued on Sunday, condemning the TV host.

The former Good Morning Britain host (GMB) Morgan released a promotional trailer for his interview with Trump on April 20 for his new show Piers Morgan Uncensored on Rupert Murdoch's new TV channel TalkTV.

This trailer was condemned by Trump's director of communications, Taylor Budowich, who shared Trump's statement and criticism of the trailer for being edited to suggest that he got up and terminated the interview early.

The interview went on to be aired on April 25 and 26.

Trump said that the first two shows, as the interview was split into two parts, were a success because of him. However, he added that Morgan's show "bombed" in the following episodes and the TV host's career was now over.

"Ratings for the Piers Morgan interview with me were great! Unfortunately, after that interview, his show bombed completely because of the fake narrative he tried to portray," the statement read.

"The fact is, I got a new close-up glimpse at Piers, and he no longer has what it takes. It's over for him," he added.

Trump also called for people to look at a Breitbart report that highlighted a drop in viewership for Morgan's show.

Morgan's first show saw nearly 400,000 views and the second-day viewing figures dropped to 215,900 viewers, according to the report from the far-right news outlet.

On the third day, the viewing figures fell by half down to just 123,000. The report concluded that Morgan had seen a 70 percent drop in viewership in a small space of time.

Despite his initial statement condemning the interview trailer, Trump did tell people to watch the interview in full. He also attempted to clarify that he did not get up and leave the interview early and released an audio file that showed the interview ended amicably.

Once the interview had been aired in full, it ended the speculation surrounding whether Trump got up from the interview and terminated it early.

The closing moments of the interview showed that Morgan was being pressured to finish their talk after apparently exceeding the agreed interview length. He asked a final question and concluded the interview with both men saying that the interview went well.

Despite the fact that the broadcast showed that Trump did not storm out of their conversation early, Morgan still defended the promotional video.

He said that it was not misleading because Trump still appeared "angry" when he got up from the interview and asked for the cameras to be turned off.

Newsweek has contacted Donald Trump and TalkTV for comment.

Piers Morgan Donald Trump
Piers Morgan (L) takes his departure following his appearance on Sunday Morning at the BBC Broadcasting House on January 16, 2022 in London, England. Former President Donald Trump (R) gestures during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at The Rosen Shingle Creek on February 26, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Trump released a statement on May 1 saying Morgan's career was over. Hollie Adams and Joe Raedle/Getty Images