Donald Trump Prime-Time Address: You Can Bet on Falsehoods, Speech Length and Make Lots of Other Wagers

You can place a number of bets on President Donald Trump's prime-time address on Tuesday night. Because it is 2019 and because of course, why not?

Trump is expected to deliver a speech on immigration and border security amid the prolonged partial government shutdown sparked by his demand for funding his long-promised border wall.

You can place a wager on anything from how many false statements the president will make to how long the speech will run. For instance, set the over/under for Trump lies at 3.5, with -285 odds for the over and +220 odds for the under.

MyBookie also put out a bunch of odds related to Trump's speech and the planned response from Democratic leaders Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Here's what MyBookie had as the odds on the shutdown and the speeches on Tuesday:

How long will Trump's Speech Last?

Over 8.5 minutes: -120

Under 8.5 minutes: -120

What color will Trump's tie be?

Red: -400

Blue: 300

Striped: 400

Any Other Color: 700

How many times will Trump say "Wall"

Over 7.5 times: -120

Under 7.5 times: -120

How many times will Trump say "crisis"

Over 6.5 times: -120

Under 6.5 times: -120

Will Trump blame migrant deaths on Democrats?

Note: must mention migrant deaths for action.

Yes: -160

No: 120

How long will the Gov't Shutdown Last after Jan 8?

Over: 20.5 Days 120

Under: 20.5 Days -160

Will funding for the Border Wall be approved?

Yes: 150

No: -200

Trump declares a National Emergency for Wall?

Note: Must be declared by Jan 18, 2019

Yes: -200

No: 150

How long will the Democratic rebuttle last?

Over: 11.5 minutes -120

Under: 11.5 minutes -120

Who will speak first?

Nancy Pelosi: -200

Chuck Shumer: 150

Democrats call for Trump to be impeached?

Yes: -150

No: 110

Democrats to use the term "Fake News?"

Yes: -160

No: 120

Democrats blame Trump for migrant deaths?

Note: must mention migrant deaths for action.

Yes: 120

No: -160