Donald Trump Retweets Racist Propaganda

Donald Trump re-tweeted data that incorrectly suggest blacks commit murder against blacks and whites far more often than they do. The data appears to have originated with a neo-Nazi Twitter account. REUTERS/Marvin Gentry

On Sunday, Donald Trump retweeted this:

The data describe what was allegedly a massive crime wave by blacks against whites and by blacks against blacks. But it isn't true.

According to the New York Daily News,

The statistics that Trump seemed to support had a huge margin of error: by about 66%, for both claims. From the FBI's 2014 report on U.S. homicides , of the 3,021 Caucasian murder victims, 2,488 of their assailants were white, or 82%.

Trump's statistics ring just as wrong for whites killed by blacks. While the fear-mongering graphic claims it's at 81%, it's really 15%, according to the FBI's statistics — much less than the mogul's tweet would suggest.

The other "data" suggested blacks killed by whites were at 2% while blacks killed by blacks were at 97%. Again, wrong.

The real numbers behind blacks killed by whites in 2014 are at least three times more than Trump's tweet suggested, at 7%. Blacks killed by blacks are 7% less than the bogus numbers in the presidential candidate's tweet, at 89%.

The second problem: The supposed source for Trump's data, the "Crime Statistics Bureau—San Francisco," doesn't exist, as far as anyone can tell. No such bureau. The question of where these data come from—assuming they weren't fabricated—has yet to be answered.

Of course, Trump didn't seem to create the graphic above; it appears he merely re-tweeted it (Trump told CNN that in general he endorses what he re-tweets, "to a certain extent.") But Charles Johnson, who blogs under the name Little Green Footballs, found what might be the source of the image, or at least the first time it was posted on Twitter: a Twitter user called "CheesedBrit," whose Twitter avatar is a swastika. Part of his Twitter bio reads, "we Should [sic] have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache," which presumably is a reference to Adolf Hitler. CheesedBrit's account is locked—meaning users who do not already follow the account can't do so now—and the tweet Johnson says contained the offending graphic appears to have been deleted.

Neither Trump nor his campaign has responded to the allegation that, by tweeting the above, he had recirculated falsehoods also trumpeted by someone who believes that not enough attention was paid to "the Austrian chap with the little mustache." Emails and phone calls to a representative of Trump's campaign were not returned. Similarly, a request for comment from "CheesedBrit" through Twitter was not returned, and the website URL listed in his profile is broken.