Trump Says His Economic Policies Made Wives Regain Respect for Their Husbands: 'Darling...You Are the Most Incredible Financial Mind'

President Donald Trump has suggested that America's marriages are benefiting from his economic policies to the extent that people have regained respect for their partners.

Speaking at a rally in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday night, Trump performed his usual rigmarole of lashing out at the Democrats over the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and slamming the "fake news" media, as well as discussing 401k plans as they related to marital bliss.

"Think of this - in the history of our country, it's never done better," he said of the economy. "And by the way, that's not rich, that's not poor, that's for everybody. Your 401ks, how you doing? Pretty good right, pretty good.

"People tell me that their wives, their husbands all of a sudden they've been running the 401ks for years and they totally lost respect for, let's say the husband, totally lost respect—now they think he's a financial genius because he's up 74 percent. She says: 'Darling I love you, you are the most incredible, brilliant financial mind.'

"And you know what, if the Democrats get in that's not going down by 50 percent, that's going down to nothing, it's going to be worthless, it's going to be worthless. You'll have a depression the likes of which you've never seen. Mark my words. But hopefully we don't have to even think about it," he added.

The president also joked that he might stay in office for a further 21 years, laughing at the reaction he believed that suggestion would elicit from the press.

"It's the fake news, look at all of 'em," the president said gesturing to the crowd of reporters at the rally and shaking his head as the crowd booed.

"What they don't know, is that when we hang it up, in five years, or nine years, or 13 years, or maybe 17 years, or maybe—if I still have the strength—21 years," Trump said as the crowd cheered. "See now they're going crazy," he continued, pointing at the press. "Now they're saying: 'See I told you he was a dictator, he wants to take charge and control of our country.'

"These people are crazy."

At his rally in Lexington, Kentucky, Trump promises catastrophic economic consequences if he doesn't win next year

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 5, 2019

Among the figures who joined Trump at the rally was Senator Rand Paul, who delivered a fiery edict to the press at the rally, telling them they should reveal the identity of the whistleblower, whose concerns over a July phone call between Trump and Ukraine prompted the launch of the impeachment inquiry.

"I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name," he said.