Donald Trump Reportedly Scored Under 5 Percent For Attributes of 'Sexy,' 'Handsome,' and 'Physically Fit' in Poll

Donald Trump — a former host of his reality show The Apprentice — has frequently boasted about his television ratings, even after becoming President of the United States of America. But according to a recent E-Poll, Trump may not be as liked as he thinks he is.

December figures compiled by E-Poll Market Research, obtained by the New York Times, show that Trump was mostly described by respondents as "aggressive" and "mean," with 48 percent and 38 percent respectively. The Times also reported that while the president scored quite high for seeming "insincere," "confident" and "creepy," when it came to Trump's looks and appearing impartial, the figures were substandard.

For the attributes of "sexy," "handsome," "physically fit" and "impartial," the president scored between zero and four percent. In addition, 29 percent of respondents believed Trump was "overexposed," while just 14 percent thought he had an overall strong positive appeal, compared to 39 percent who believed he had an overall strong negative appeal.

The E-Score figures, which are not publicly available, are gathered by marketing executives, network television stations and advertisers. According to the E-Poll Market Research website, the figures "tells you why a celebrity is appealing or not" and is "the definitie source used by all media to determine celebrity value."

The research company's spokesperson Randy Parker told the Times that they have data on thousands of public figures, noting that they began theirs on Trump when he was on The Apprentice. "We do not approve of the use of E-Poll's data in this story and cannot confirm or deny the information you were given," he added. It is unclear how the Times obtained the figures.

According to a 2017 Hollywood Reporter report, Trump mentioned television ratings at least 24 times in the first 10 months after he took office, where he either bragged about his alleged high numbers or criticized other people for having low ratings. Just hours after former President George H.W. Bush's funeral last December, Trump boasted about his approval ratings from a Rasmussen Poll on Twitter.

"Working hard, thank you!" Trump tweeted, alongside an image of himself with "50% approval rating" written above.

Donald Trump Reportedly Scored Under 5 Percent For Attributes of 'Sexy,' 'Handsome,' and 'Physically Fit' in Poll | U.S.