Donald Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White Suggests Criticism of Her Beliefs is 'A Political Ploy Just to Hurt Our President'

President Donald Trump's spiritual adviser has suggested that criticism of her beliefs is a political ploy "just to hurt our president."

Paula White, who was recently installed in the Trump administration in an official capacity in the Office of Public Liaison, said she had faced myriad criticisms since becoming a minister and brushed off the description of her "prosperity gospel" by Jeremy Peters in The New York Times as "highly unorthodox" and "heretical."

"I've been in ministry for 35 years and I've heard just about everything said," White, who is also known by her married name White-Cain, said in an interview with Fox News' Shannon Bream on Monday night.

"First off, I do not believe that, in this... what you would say, like, you give to get, and that is what they try to label it as prosperity. I believe that God's and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. I've had to defend the trinity, of all things, that God the Father; God, the Son; God, the Holy Spirit," White continued.

"I think most of this is a political ploy just to hurt our president, to hurt the great faith agenda that he continues to advance. Anyone that's ever listened to my message knows very well, that I believe in very solid biblical beliefs. So, this is not anything new," she added.

The Fox News interview this week also saw White batting away claims from former pastor Joshua Harris that evangelism had the potential to be damaging to the president.

"People are going to say some pretty ridiculous things all the time. I think this is ending very, very well as we see that evangelicals support President Trump at an all-time historical high. The base is stronger than ever," she said.

The televangelist, who is linked to what has been described as the "prosperity gospel" has previously suggested that people send her their January salaries as part of a "first fruits" offering to God.

"So right now as I lift these up, Father, these are not just papers, these are not just names, these are your children that have been in obedience to you and brought a sacrificial first group to honor you at the beginning of this year and declare 2019 will be their year so I speak right now blessing over your generations," White said in January, in a video posted to her website, as she held up envelopes of donations from her followers.