Trump Is Acting Like 'A Two-Bit Dictator of a Banana Republic' With Attack Letter to Pelosi, Former Presidential Adviser Says

President Donald Trump is acting like "a two-bit dictator" by attacking Democrats over his looming impeachment, according to former presidential adviser David Gergen.

Trump penned a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday as Congress geared up for Wednesday's House impeachment vote and the expected subsequent trial in the Senate.

The six-page letter claimed Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues "have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!" and "are the ones interfering in America's elections. You are the ones subverting America's Democracy."

According to David Gergen—a CNN contributor who advised presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton—the ferocious message casts Trump as an authoritarian and will damage what will one day be a controversial legacy.

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Gergen whether Trump's letter made sense and what the president was hoping to achieve by releasing it on the eve of the impeachment vote.

Trump said he was writing the letter "for the purpose of history," but Gergen suggested history would not look kindly on the message.

"I think right now it's going to go down as a letter from a two-bit dictator of a banana republic," he told Cooper. "It has that kind of quality to it."

"Think about our history and the people we've had, the amount of letters," Gergen continued, noting the historic documents left behind by past presidents.

"Think about Donald Trump's letters...going up against Jefferson, up against Lincoln on the second inaugural or Gettysburg, up against, Franklin Roosevelt and the fireside chats, Jack Kennedy and his inaugural, Ronald Reagan at Pointe du Hoc."

"This is going to be in those annals as a representation of this president" Gergen said.

"For a man who apparently, we were told by his close folks, that he cares mostly about his legacy these days?" Gergen asked. "This is what he's contributing to his legacy?"

In the letter, Trump suggested: "More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials," and argued that "not many people who could have taken the punishment inflicted during this period of time, and yet done so much for the success of America and its citizens."

Former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin told Cooper that the letter was a "perfect" representation of the president. "This narcissism, this lying, this self-obsession, this ignorance if history—this is all what's here," he added.

"And you know what? He got elected president of the United States acting exactly this way," Toobin continued. "And he may get re-elected behaving exactly this way. But there's no mystery about who he is—this is who he is."

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A protester holds a sign during a demonstration in part of a national impeachment rally, at the Federal Building in San Francisco, California on December 17, 2019. PHILIP PACHECO/AFP via Getty Images/Getty
Trump Is Acting Like 'A Two-Bit Dictator of a Banana Republic' With Attack Letter to Pelosi, Former Presidential Adviser Says | Politics