Donald Trump Is 'Putin's Foreign Minister,' Ex-army Intelligence Officer Says: 'Reason Enough to Impeach'

Democratic activist Jason Kander has added his support to impeaching President Donald Trump, arguing that the commander in chief has been compromised by Russian backing and is now actively advancing Moscow's foreign policy goals.

Kander—who served as the Secretary of State for Missouri, a member of the Missouri House of Representatives and founded the anti-voter suppression Let America Vote organization—said Sunday that Trump's alignment with Russian policy is "reason enough to impeach."

The former Army intelligence officer said on Twitter that Trump "has no strong convictions on foreign policy other than when he's advancing Russia's agenda or defending [Russian President Vladimir] Putin."

Kander claimed that in both Syria and in Ukraine, "Trump basically switched which side we were on in a war. He switched us to the Russian side. Counter to America's interest, over and over, he does what's best for Russia."

The U.S. has pursued a relatively complex and fluid strategy in Syria since the civil war there broke out in 2011. Washington initially supported and armed opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, later pivoting to focus on fighting ISIS.

Russia has supported Assad's forces throughout the conflict and the Kremlin has been critical of U.S. involvement in the country. As the war dragged on into Trump's tenure, the U.S. dropped its goal of unseating Assad though continued taking action against government forces.

Trump wants U.S. forces to withdraw from the country entirely, despite warnings this would leave American allies there near-defenseless against possible Syrian, Russian and Turkish attacks.

In Ukraine, meanwhile, the U.S. is still supporting Kiev against the Russian-backed separatist forces occupying the country's eastern Donbas region. Washington has sent military aid and training missions to the country to help bolster Ukrainian forces against the Russian threat.

Though Trump's most pressing current scandal centers around his delay of aid to Ukraine, the U.S. is still supporting Kiev in its fight against Russia. However, the current furore could well damage ties between Ukraine and the U.S., particularly if support for the country is politicized.

Kander argued that the president "is obviously compromised." He added: "Why are we acting as though there's any chance in the world he's not?

"It doesn't even matter if there's Russian money in his businesses or whether there's a pee tape," Kander said, referring to unproven salacious reports about the president's visit to Moscow in 2013.

"At this point, he's EITHER afraid they'll undermine his legitimacy by admitting they helped him win OR that they won't help him win next time. Either way, Russia owns him!

"At every step of the way, he is executing Russian foreign policy. He is basically Putin's foreign minister. They have him. It's over," Kander said.

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President Donald Trump greets Russian President Vladimir Putin during their bilateral meeting at the G20 summit, in Osaka, Japan, on June,28,2019. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images/Getty