'Don't F**k With Cats': The Story About BestGore.com and Mark Marek That You Didn't See in Netflix Documentary

If you've watched all of Netflix's addictive new true crime docuseries Don't F**k With Cats, you might find yourself going down the internet rabbit hole, reading about Luka Magnotta and the horrific murder of Jun Lin.

But one thing that wasn't included in the documentary series is the role of the Canadian shock website BestGore.com in the story, and the consequences that befell its owner, Mark Marek.

Magnotta wasn't the only one who faced criminal charges over Lin's murder: Marek was charged with corrupting public morals under Canada's obscenity laws for posting Magnotta's murder—or "snuff"—video.

What happened to Mark Marek?

In May 2012, BestGore.com, which shares shocking content including graphic, violent photos and videos, posted Magnotta's video, 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick. The video showed the murder and dismemberment of Chinese international student Jun Lin by Magnotta. Magnotta was apprehended in Berlin, Germany, in June after fleeing the country following the murder. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2014.

Separate to the case against Magnotta, in July 2013, Marek, the owner of BestGore.com, was arrested in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and charged with corrupting public morals under section 163 of the Canadian Criminal Code which covers unlawful obscenity. Obscenity charges are rare in Canada, as Canada's Global News reported at the time of Marek's arrest.

Before the arrest, Marek posted on BestGore.com that he was going to attend a police interview and suspected he might be detained.

"It may sound strange, but at this point in my life, jail doesn't sound all that unattractive," Marek wrote, according to The Canadian Press. "I wouldn't mind taking a break from the world ... I've dedicated my life to fight against evil and lies, and I know that god and truth are on my side."

"I do not fear the servants of satan. One way or another, my life will end one day, and so will theirs," Marek added.

In January 2016, Marek pleaded guilty to the obscenity charges against him and was given a six-month conditional sentence consisting of three months of house arrest, followed by three months of community service.

During the trial, Marek admitted that the Magnotta murder video "was obscene," reported CBC at the time. Marek added: "It is admitted that the posting of the video went beyond what served the public good."

According to CBC, Marek left the courthouse with duct tape over his mouth and a sign reading: "Guilty of Canadian thought crimes."

In April this year, Marek announced in a blog post on Best Gore that he would leave the website at the end of 2019.

Don't F**k With Cats is streaming now on Netflix.