Don't Gore The Wild Boar

ALABAMA BEGAN ISSUING SPEAR-HUNTING PERMITS LAST SUMMER, and there have been more angry animal-rights activists than you can shake a pointy stick at ever since. But now that hunting season is over, it appears white-tailed deer and wild boar didn't really have to worry about getting the shaft. Of the 64 sportsmen who applied for permits, only half got within spear-throwing range, and just one lonely hunter bagged a deer. "The spear is the greatest deer saver around," says the state's game-and-fish director, Charles Kelley. Still, the U.S. Humane Society is determined to publicize the practice, which it considers barbaric. Says a spokesman, "Cruelty cannot stand the spotlight. Right now too few people know this is going on." A state game committee will vote on whether to continue the permits later this spring.

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