'Doom Eternal' Cheat Codes Guide: Secrets & How to Unlock Computer With Password

If you've been enjoying Doom Eternal, there still might be a lot of secrets you haven't uncovered. From unique costumes that change the look of your Slayer to powerful upgrades that keep the game interesting, there's a lot to see and do in the game's campaign. Here are a few neat secrets and how to unlock them.

doom eternal secrets cheat code computer password
The computer in Doom Eternal after the password is unlocked id Software

Doom Eternal Computer Code

In the backroom of the Doom Slayer's Fortress, there's an old computer that seems a bit out of place. If you manage to collect all 10 floppy drives throughout the game, you'll be able to access the entire first DOOM game to play through. To unlock DOOM 2, you only need to input the code "FLYNNTAGGART" into the PC. Once that's done, you'll be able to play as much of the second installment in the series as you wish. It's a simple treat for players to dive through if they want a low-poly option.

Doom Eternal Cheat Codes

Throughout the game, you'll pick up special floppy discs that contain cheat codes. Once you complete a mission, you'll be able to access it through a hub in the Fortress and toggle on cheat codes to make the game easier. You'll be able to complete challenges and missions, but Slayer Gates will not be available. Here are the cheat codes available in Doom Eternal and where you can find them:

Activate All Cheat Codes - All cheat codes are activated

Infinite Extra Lives - Player has infinite Extra Lives (Hell on Earth)

IDDQD – Sentinel Armor is active for the whole mission (Cultist Base)

IDKFA - All weapons are unlocked and mastered, and all equipment is unlocked. (Arc Complex)

Instant Stagger Mode - One hit from bullets, explosions, your flamethrower, or dashing instantly staggers demons (Nekravol Part II)

All Runes - Every rune is active at once (Fortress of Doom)

Infinite Ammo - All weapons have infinite ammo (Super Gore Nest)

Powerup Mode: Onslaught - Infinite Onslaught is active for the whole mission (Mars Core)

Party Mode - Demons burst into confetti when damaged/killed (Nekravol Part II)

Powerup Mode: Overdrive - Infinite Overdrive is active for the whole mission (Taras Nabad)

Powerup Mode: Berserk - Infinite Berserk Power-Up on map start (Urdak)

Silver Bullet Mode - Staggered demons die in a single hit from projectiles, explosions, Flame Belch or Dashing (Doom Hunter base)

Fully Upgraded Suit - All Praetor Suit Perks are unlocked (Fortress of Doom)

Famine Mode - Demons do not drop health or armor upon death (Nekravel)

QuakeCon Mode -An invisible audience cheers based on how you play (Campaign progression)