'Doom Eternal' Marauder Guide: 11 Tips For Killing The Most Annoying Demon in Hell

Midway through Doom Eternal you'll journey to the Arc Complex to find Dr. Samuel Hayden, the scientist who first built the Argent Tower on Mars, which mined energy from Hell and led inexorably to the demonic invasion of Earth. But now's not the time for blame, because Hayden—or what's left of his robot body after Earth's failed resistance—can lead you, the Doom Slayer, to the Hell Priest Deag Grav. But waiting for you at the top of the Arc Complex is the Marauder, the demonic enemy whose appearance will fill you with dread for the rest of Doom Eternal.

Introduced first as a mini-boss, each Marauder is a former member of the Night Sentinels, who guarded the realm of Argent D'Nur alongside the Doom Slayer. Long ago the Night Sentinels allied themselves with the angelic Maykr, but fell into civil war when it was discovered that the Maykr were, all along, allies of Hell. Those Night Sentinels who continued in the service of the Khan Maykr were resurrected after falling in battle, transformed by the Maykr's demonically powered Divinity Machine into knights in Hell's army and relentless hunters of the Doom Slayer.

A Marauder emerges from a portal in the Arc Complex. id Software / Bethesda Softworks

The first Marauder you encounter is described as a "Demonic Presence threat level 5" and emerges from a portal with a personal grudge against the Doom Slayer, who once fought alongside the Night Sentinels, but stood opposed to Argent D'Nur's alliance with Hell.

"You were never one of us. You were nothing but a usurper. A false idol," the Marauder says. "My eyes have been opened. Let me help you to see, Slayer."

Instead, help him to see the tip of your Doomblade with these tips for killing the most annoying demon in Hell.

Killing the Marauder

Don't get too close to the Marauder. id Software / Bethesda Softworks

Described as a "defensive powerhouse," the Marauder has a number of tactics that force you and the Doom Slayer into a very narrow window of possible attacks and tactics. Try to fight the Marauder up close and you'll get a shotgun blast to the face, but get too far and the Marauder launches his Argent energy axe or looses a spectral hellhound on you.

The intended tactical response is for players to stay at mid-range and wait for the Marauder to attack you. Well aware of how tricky a demon enemy they've thrown at you, Doom Eternal offers up several tips right before the first Marauder fight in the Arc Complex:

  • When the Marauder's eyes flash green (just before an attack), he is vulnerable and cannot block. This is the time to shoot.
  • The Marauder also can't block when faltered, so attack fast and hard when such an opportunity presents itself.
  • The Marauder's shield blocks everything, so don't waste your ammo when it's active.
  • The Marauder is resistant to Super Weapons (this turns out to be only partially true).
The green flash signaling your window of attack against a 'Doom Eternal' Marauder. id Software / Bethesda Softworks

But while all of those tactics will comprise the bulk of your attack strategy against the Marauder, there's plenty of other helpful advice Doom Eternal doesn't provide.

Advanced Marauder Tips

Get to this Marauder Glory Kill with these advanced tips for 'Doom Eternal.' id Software / Bethesda Softworks

Clear the Field. The Marauder is best fought one-on-one, so when he pops up in massive combat engagements, your best bet is to keep running and gunning, dashing to stay as far from the Marauder as possible. Sure, make attacks of opportunity, but if you can wipe out all the Arachnotrons, Cacodemons, Hell Knights and Revenants first, you'll be a better position to focus on the remaining Marauder.

Take out the hellhound. The Marauder will occasionally summon an orange spectral hellhound, which chases you and delivers biting damage. While more of a nuisance than a threat, damage from the hellhound can add up quickly and distract you from the fight at hand. Take them out right away with a blast from the Super Shotgun or a few rounds from the Chaingun. They go down easy, so it's worth taking the few seconds required to eliminate them.

If you see this, there's a hellhound nipping at your heels. id Software / Bethesda Softworks

Pick your spot. Getting cornered by a Marauder is an easy way to die. Even long, straight corridors aren't great places to take one on, since you'll struggle to dodge his ranged attacks. The ideal spot in any battle arena is a wide open, circular space, where you have room to backpedal away from his close range attacks, dodge ranged attacks and bait him into his green eyes attack.

Combine fire. The two best weapons against Marauders are the Super Shotgun and Ballista. Using them together is the best way to take out a Marauder quickly. Use the Super Shotgun and its wide spread to ensure you'll hit the Marauder as soon as its eyes flash green, then swap immediately to the Ballista for a second shot while he's staggered. Timing this right is a lot easier if you have the "Hot Swapper" suit upgrade (which can be found under "Fundamentals" in your Praetor Suit upgrade menu), which allows for a faster weapons switch.

The BFG-9000 is best wielded by Marauder masters. While the BFG-9000 hardly needs to be aimed in normal combat encounters, where it can wipe out a roomful of enemies, against the Marauder it's only effective for a very narrow window of time. While the Marauder's shield shrugs off a blast of Argent energy from the BFG, a direct hit during its vulnerable green flash attack will kill a Marauder instantly. Usually, it takes five or more just-so attacks to take down a Marauder, so this can be a major advantage. Unfortunately, since the BFG-9000 takes a while to charge before firing, it's almost impossible to time it right against a Marauder. If you fire when you see the green flash in his eyes, you're probably too late. Still, with enough practice, the BFG-9000 can act as a Marauder shortcut.

Splash damage can supplement. While the Marauder's shields can deflect everything (including grenades), some splash damage can make it past his defenses. Using Frag Grenades, the Combat Shotgun's Sticky Bombs mod or the Rocket Launcher's Remote Detonate mod, you can set off explosions behind his shield for extra damage.

The time for dashing is now. While you'll frequently need the Dash while tackling Doom Eternal's platforming and jumping puzzles, it's easy to forget about its usefulness in combat. Backpedaling (not too fast or far) can draw the Marauder in, encouraging him to attack, but should he fire his energy axe your way, then it's time for a quick dodge Dash to one side or the other. If the Dash isn't already part of your combat repertoire, then now's the time, because Doom Eternal only gets harder from your first Marauder fight.

Happy hunting.

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