Doordash Customer Admitting Lying About Not Receiving Food Sparks Outrage

Video footage appearing to show a Doordash delivery driver confronting a woman who lied about not receiving her food has gone viral.

A clip of the purported exchange was posted to Reddit by Arsenal246, where it has earned more than 16,000 upvotes. Many of the users were shocked at the woman's response.

The video, which appears to have been filmed on a bodycam, begins with the driver knocking on the woman's door. She partially opens the door to him with the pair exchanging greetings before he addresses the issue at hand.

"I just got a message saying that you said I did not deliver your food," he begins. "I get it, you probably want a credit or something like that but you're putting my job in jeopardy." The driver explains he was able to identify her as his accuser because "this is the only delivery I did."

"I handed you your order," he adds. "People get fired for that type of stuff. This is how I take care of my life and my kids," he tells the woman. "Just for a meal—it's not worth my job."

The driver then informs the woman he is recording their exchange. "I need you to say this: that you got your meal out of my hand," he tells her. At that point, the woman begins to call for someone else inside her house—but the driver is unfazed.

"You received it, right or wrong, out of my hand?" he asks again. "Did I receive it?" she responds. "Yeah?" he asks. "Uh huh," she answers. "Yes?" he asks yet again, seeking a more concrete response. "Yeah," she finally says. "Okay, thank you," he replies.

However, it's her final remark, telling him that she's "fine to go see" his "score on door dash," indicating that she is planning to give him a bad review, that shocked many.

Wafflesareforever said her final remark made the whole situation "10 times worse," branding the woman "a sociopath" for her comments. Nameunknown12 said: "You deal with people like this multiple times a day working in retail."

The woman's behavior on the video was depressing for many but not necessarily a surprise. Gareth666 shared a story about a family he knew who "would just order uber eats then claim the order never arrived." He said: "They literally just kept doing it until uber banned them and banned their credit cards."

AJ_Deadshow said the woman's actions were most likely motivated out of "stupidity" rather than any malice against the driver. "I can see people in their head thinking it's an okay thing to do, not realizing how it will affect someone," they wrote.

Elsewhere, mikrokosmos117 said the video has made him "think twice" when it comes to complaining about his food deliveries again. "I've received wrong delivery or like my food spilling and I don't hesitate to complain because Uber Eats /Doordash just gives you credit so freely but this video got me thinking that it may impact the driver more than I thought."

Newsweek has contacted Arsenal246 for comment.

Some 13 percent of the entire US restaurant market was taken up by online food delivery during the COVID-19 lockdown. By 2025, industry experts predict online food delivery could hold a 21 percent share of the total restaurant market.

Despite this, concerns remain over the treatment of delivery drivers. In June a driver went viral on TikTok having broken down in tears after driving an hour for a $1 tip.

There are similar worries over the potential environmental impact linked to an increase in food deliveries. In July, one woman went viral after revealing the amount of packaging used by McDonald's to send her one sauce sachet.

A delivery driver ringing a doorbell.
Stock image of a delivery driver ringing a doorbell - video footage allegedly showing a confrontation between a customer and a driver has gone viral. Sabrina Bracher/Getty