DoorDash Driver Praised Online for Completing Delivery After Auto Accident

A DoorDash driver has gone viral online, after the moment her car was crashed into was captured by a doorbell camera. The driver has been applauded online for continuing to complete the delivery before reacting to the crash.

TikTok user @elijahlyons40 captured the action on their doorbell camera, after ordering a DoorDash delivery. The driver, whose identity is not yet known, approached the house as normal. It wasn't until she set down the delivery on the doorstep that a loud bang could be heard from behind her, as the camera picked up a car reversing out of their driveway and straight into her car.

"I can't believe this happened," wrote the TikTok user with the shared video, which has gained over 3.2 million views in less than a month.

The driver shouted "oh my god" upon hearing the crash, but continued to properly put down the delivery and snap a confirmation picture of it too.

"Are you f***ing joking? Did you not see me just park here," she said as she made her way to the scene.

"I really didn't. I'm sorry," said the other driver, who began to exit her vehicle.

The video can also be seen in full here.

The video stopped there, but TikTok users rushed to commend the driver for her apparent dedication to her job.

"And she still did her job and took that photo. Give her a raise," commented one user.

"Girl still took the photo, dedicated to them five stars," added another.

One user wrote: "She deserves all the love. She finished her pictures before going off."

DoorDash told Newsweek that it hasn't yet been able to match up the short video with any filed reports by drivers, but are working towards it to offer any needed support.

"The trust and safety of our community is extremely important to us. We're actively looking into this and will take all appropriate action as we learn more, including supporting the Dasher and assisting law enforcement with any investigation," said a spokeswoman for the company.

Many TikTok users also voiced concerns over just how she'd continue working, with her car being a vital part of her DoorDash job.

DoorDash does offer car insurance to drivers, but only if they are the ones liable for another car's damages, which their personal insurance won't cover. If the driver's car is the one that sustained damages, DoorDash expects their own auto insurance to cover the claim, according to the company's website.

Dashers are however eligible for occupational accident insurance coverage if they're injured while providing a delivery, DoorDash confirmed to Newsweek.

Earlier this year, another delivery driver went viral on TikTok after sharing a vulnerable video, in tears after working for an hour for a $1 tip.

Smithson Michael, known online as @deliveryguy100, gained over 1.4 million views on his video. "Y'all, I wish people knew what it was like to deliver for UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, all these companies," he said. "I just spent an hour driving around for a $1.19 tip. I mean, would it hurt y'all to...throw us $5?"

Michael, who is an unhoused veteran, shared that from the app he earned just $2 for the delivery itself, making his total hourly wage just above $3.

"What's that?" he asks. "That's not even enough to cover gas. How am I supposed to survive like that?

UPDATE 12/03/2021, 11:28 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a statement from DoorDash.