DoorDash Driver Gives Customer Weight Loss Business Card in McDonald's Order

Many people across the U.S. can likely agree that food delivery apps were a bright spot during the pandemic.

Even now, as offices, bars and restaurants start to re-open, many people will likely still order in, because honestly, what's better than not having to prepare a meal or change out of sweatpants to go eat?

But when one TikTok user opened her food delivery bags, she was shocked to find the inclusion of something she definitely didn't want with her McDonald's fries.

TikTok user Suzie (@soozieque) opened her DoorDash order to find that the driver had included a business card along with the rest of her meal. Even worse, the business card was for a weight loss service.

In the video, Suzie shows viewers the Herbalife Nutrition card sitting on the counter next to her fries. To avoid leaking the driver's personal information, she covers the front of the card with one of the fries; however, when she flips the card over, it's revealed the driver wrote, "lose weight, ask me how!"

Over 31,000 people have seen the video so far, and while some commenters are frustrated on Suzie's behalf for receiving something so rude, others, including Suzie, are having a good laugh.

"No hate here," said Suzie in response to one of the many commenters. "I was laughing for a while."

Many were quick to laugh at the fact that Herbalife Nutrition is an MLM scheme.

"[H]erbalife is an MLM LMAOOO," commented one user.

Said another: "If MLM huns have one thing, it's the audacity."

Most users, however, were worried that the DoorDash driver broke the company's Terms of Service agreement by placing the card in the bag.

"They're actually not supposed to be doing that," said one user. "I applied for DoorDash and it even says not to try to sell personal belongings to DoorDash customers."

And while many commenters were grossed out by the idea of someone other than the cook opening the bag and potentially handling the food —especially as we are still dealing with a pandemic —Suzie assured everyone that the bag had not been opened. The driver simply dropped the card into the top of the bag.

Let's just hope drivers don't make a habit of including marketing materials with delivery orders. No one wants their next fast food meal to be delivered with a side of judgment.

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