Dorothea Taylor, TikTok's Drumming Grandma, Masters Double Stroke Roll in Viral Video

You are never too old to become a rock star, or to go viral on TikTok. Don't believe us? Well, for one grandmother both have become a reality.

Dorothea Taylor, from Horry County, North Carolina, has been taking the internet by storm with her drumming skills.

A recent TikTok video of hers, showing her drumming on a practice pad at an impressive speed, has surpassed 22.9 million views.

In the footage Taylor, who is affectionately dubbed "The Godmother of Drumming" teaches a short lesson.

The unassuming viral sensation, standing in her kitchen wearing glasses and a green T-shirt, tells viewers: "People always ask me, 'how do you play doubles?' Well, this is it."

She then proceeds to hit the pad rhythmically, building up speed.

Many online took to the comments section to share their appreciation at the grandmother's skill.

One TikTok user, good.side, wrote: "Y'all don't understand how hard this actually is lmao [sic]."

Another person, RachelB added: "That is coordination beyond belief right there! Soooo talented!"

A third, Naomy, commented: "You're not a regular Grandma, you're a cool Grandma."

While a fourth, known as Rej, typed: "Just when I thought it couldn't get faster, it did."

However, TikTok is not the only platform on which the drumming and motorcycle-loving grandmother has gone viral.

She has also raked in over 13 million views on YouTube for her cover of 'Down With The Sickness' by nu metal band Disturbed.

In a 2020 interview with her local ABC affiliate following the cover's success, Taylor explained that: "I think I was born to be a drummer."

The 70 year old has been playing her instrument for over 57 years, and has always wanted to pursue it as a profession.

She said: "I had this dream. I always wanted to become this famous drummer. That's when I was a teenager, so it was kind of in the back of my mind."

Speaking of her meteoric rise on social media, Taylor said: "All of a sudden, I started getting all kinds of followers.

"And I'm on Tik Tok now too...I just keep putting stuff up and it keeps going and going."

But if you didn't already think that Taylor was one of the coolest grandmother's going, she also owns a Polaris Slingshot motorcycle.

"I call it my Batmobile," she revealed. "When I turned 50, I said I was going to get a motorcycle."

Owning the bike was a blessing during the pandemic, as she explained: "Especially during this COVID quarantine thing, we'd [she and her husband] would get out and go over by Loris."

And what are her plans for the future? Keeping rocking, of course!

She said: "I just want to keep going, so while I'm able, I just want to live life at its fullest."

Stock image drumming
A stock image of a drum being played. In the viral video, the 70-year-old woman proved she could give any young rocker a run for their money. Getty Images