Gabe Newell Announcer Pack Coming to 'DOTA 2'

At the second day of The International DOTA 2 , Valve unveiled the most unholy of add-ons. Players who purchased the Battle Pass for $10 get access to special sprays, the Under Hollow, new game modes and now the Gabe Newell Mega Kills announcer pack. The father of the company behind Team Fortress, Portal, Half-Life and many more will bring his sweet voice to the game. The 15-line announcer pack, featuring Newell's glorious voice added to the "Mega Pack," will be available sometime soon.

A small portion of each Battle Pass purchase gets added to the prize pool, which is currently more than $25 million. This year's International has the highest prize pool of any esports tournament in existence, and Newell's voice will only incentivize players to buy more. Hearing the fandom's cheers of "GabeN" when the pack was announced live proves fans are ready to go wild over this thing.

A teaser video was shown live at the event, showing Newell recording a few of his lines. Watch one of the wealthiest game developers in the game struggle with the number three, a subtle nod to the non-existence of Half Life 3 .

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