'DOTA 2' New Hero Revealed: Snapfire Shown off at The International 2019

At the International 2019, a new hero was revealed for DOTA 2. On day four, during the final matches between Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, Valve caught players off guard by revealing Snapfire, an old lady riding a bearded dragon. The three-minute trailer features Timbersaw and Batrider trying to steal Snapfire's cookies that she had just baked for her friends. Through a series of comical actions, she manages to defeat the pastry thieves and get away without a scratch.

dota 2 snapfire
Look at how cute that dragon is! Valve

Judging by the trailer, it seems that Snapfire will be a cross between a DPS and support. Her cookies, made with loving care, can be thrown to allies to aid them in the thick of battle. If she's stuck on her own, she still has her trusty lizard steed to shoot fireballs at approaching enemies. If that fails, Snapire has a shotgun or mini turret mounted on the lizard's back to deal with pesky minions and monsters.

Snapfire is a member of the Keen race, a group of smaller characters who make up for their stature with advanced technology and magic, similar to the Yordles from League of Legends. Joining the likes of Clockwerk, Tinker and the Techies, the auntie with a taste for violence will make a perfect addition to the MOBA.

Valve has used The International tournament to tease new DOTA 2-related content for years. The Monkey King, who is heavily inspired by the mythological Wukong made his debut in 2016. In 2017, fans were less than thrilled to hear about the card game Artifact, which barely a year after launch struggles to stay afloat. 2018 revealed two new heroes that brought excitement back to fans.

With one more day of competition left at The International, there's no telling what else we might see. OG, the Chinese DOTA 2 team, has been destroying the competition, but could international competitors like North America's Team Liquid or Europe's Evil Geniuses win the bulk of the $33 million prize pool?

Snapfire will be available in Fall 2019 for DOTA 2 on Steam.