Dr. Dre's New 'Hood: Hollywood

Is DR. DRE hatching a fiendish conspiracy to dominate the entire entertainment industry? Oliver Stone might know. Dre (a.k.a. Andre Young) is already a very big player in the music biz. Albums he's rapped on or produced have sold nearly 28 million copies. Now he wants to direct feature films, and he's getting a boost from his new pal Stone. "We hit it off immediately," says Dre of Ollie. "I mean, he is the s--t." Dre recently directed an 18-minute video of Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Murder Was the Case," and he and Stone thought it'd be great to package it as a short to screen with Stone's upcoming opus "Natural Born Killers." Warner Brothers passed on that idea. (Nothing at all to do, they say, with any irony lurking in the fact that Snoop is soon to go on trial for first-degree murder.) The studio thought Dre did "a wonderful job" directing, says a spokesman, but "it just isn't our policy to show videos." Dre will be allowed to screen his video with "Killers" at private screenings, and he's gearing up for a full-length feature. "I know people are expecting me to come out with a 'hood movie, because they think that's all I know about," says Dre. "But I'm all about giving people what they don't expect." What's he got in mind? " "Twilight Zone' with a ghetto twist."